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How To Add Music To Instagram Posts


When creating a post on Instagram, whether it’s a reel or a story, include music is almost always a fantastic idea. However, some users often lack a clear understanding of how to include music directly into their articles. The good news is that it’s not difficult to do so since Instagram’s music library has a big selection of tracks that is consistently expanded upon.

In addition to other leading video editing tools, you can use InShot to edit your movies before uploading them to Instagram. Additionally, users have the option to import tracks from other streaming services such as Spotify. We will look at adding music to Instagram reels and stories, as well as adding music to Instagram using these third-party applications, in this article.

How To Add Music To Instagram Posts Step by Step

You can submit material to Instagram much more quickly and easily using a tool called Reels, which is one of Instagram’s newest additions. You can even post footage that includes audio.

The procedures that are listed below should be followed in order to add music to a reel.

1. Start creating your post

To add anything new to the home page, use the plus sign (+) located in the upper right hand corner of the page.

How To Add Music To Instagram Posts

Next, choose the Reel option from the menu. It is the third option available in the drop-down menu.

2. Adding Music To Your Post

To listen to music, tap the icon located on the screen’s left side.
After that, choose the song that you wish to be featured in your post.

3. Editing the Music on Your Post

Choose the portion of the music that you wish to include in the Reel, and then click “Add.” You may do this by using the slider, but keep in mind that you only have 15 seconds available. After that, choose the Done option.

It does not make a difference which order you record the segments of your Reel in; you may add music to it whenever you choose.

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How to Add Music to Instagram Stories – Step by Step

Tales are another tool that Instagram offers; you may wish to use music in your Instagram stories. Instagram gives you the option to add music to your photos and even lets you include the lyrics to the songs. To include music in your Instagram story, you may do it by following the instructions below.

1. Creating your Story

Launch Instagram and move your finger to the right side of the screen. You are able to immediately contribute a story from this page.
Include the photo, or if you like, construct the scenario from scratch. To add a sticker, tap the symbol that looks like a sticker at the top of the screen.


As long as you follow the guidelines outlined by Instagram’s community, you are authorised to add music to the photograph that you publish to your story or Reel. This is true irrespective of the content that is being posted on Instagram at any given time. You may also use programmes that are not linked with Instagram to publish videos to your profile that incorporate music. This can be done using Instagram.