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How to Reroll Item Passives in Diablo 4


Do you ever discover that a piece of equipment you’ve gotten in Diablo 4 isn’t performing the function intended in any given situation? Some situations can present themselves in which the fundamental statistics are satisfactory, but the affixes that have been put to them are not in your favor. To our great relief, a remedy is readily available for that predicament. The method in question is known as rerolling and does not present an overly challenging challenge to implement. The following post will give you the knowledge necessary to reroll item passives in Diablo 4. So let’s get started:

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How to Reroll Item Passives in Diablo 4

In Diablo IV, players can re-roll their items’ passive properties, much like they did in Diablo III. You can accomplish this task by conversing with the Occultist in Kyovashad or any other city that supports NPCs of this kind. The Occultist in Diablo IV has various functions, including rerolling item passives and extracting and imprinting aspects onto the gear. The Occultist can do both of these things. The “Enchant Item” option is the section of the tab that you need to travel to acquire new passives for your items. The exact location of the Occultist in Kyovashad, the first major city in Diablo IV, may be found further down in this article.

How to Reroll Item Passives in Diablo 4

Simply place the item whose passive you want to change into the right slot, and then you can re-roll the dice for the slot that was picked. However, doing so will permanently link the item to your account. That eliminates the possibility of trading it with any other players in the game. Additionally, you only have the option to re-roll a single passive on an item at a time. This means that you are only allowed to edit one of an item’s passive statistics at a time rather than being able to modify all of them. This passive can be re-rolled infinite times; however, the enchantment process will cost much more gold each time you choose.

How to Reroll Item Passives in Diablo 4

The initial re-roll will set you back more than one thousand gold and certain resources, the exact nature of which will vary based on the item’s rarity. For instance, all required to purchase a Rare item is gold and a Veiled Crystal, which can be acquired by completing optional missions or dismantling equipment. However, you will need gold, a Veiled Crystal, and Fiend Roses to re-roll the passives on any Legendary equipment in Diablo IV. Because Fiend Roses are so hard to come by, it is strongly recommended that you consider this fact before attempting to re-roll any passives on an item you have enchanting.


How do you replace affixes in Diablo 4?

If you use the Occultist Enchant Item option, you will have the ability to replace a single Affix on a single item. When you enchant an item, you have the ability to select any Affix (a line that is not an aspect) from the item and replace it.

What is overpower damage Diablo 4?

Overpower is a damage enhancement mechanic that has a three percent chance of applying to every attack. However, it does not apply to most harmful passives, damage over time effects (such as bleeds and poisons), or channeled effects such as the Barbarian’s Whirlwind. This is indicated by the blue numbers next to the damage.

What is the secret of the spring Diablo 4?

In the side quest “Secret of the Spring,” once you’ve traveled to the location marked on the map, all that’s left to do is use the appropriate emote to command the spring to hold its breath. After you have done that, a chest will appear, and the job will be finished once you have looted the chest.

Is overpower worth it Diablo 4?

It’s preferable to steer clear of Overpower as much as possible and put more resources on effects like Vulnerable instead. On the other hand, Fortify is quite powerful; therefore, if Blizzard finally modifies the way that Overpower scales with Fortify, it might make a significant difference in the game.

What is smart loot in Diablo 4?

It is impossible for a class-specific item to ever roll with a mainstat or skill boost that is of no utility to the class for which it was designed. The Smart Loot system simplifies things by rolling useful item types with the mainstat and skills that are appropriate for the class of the character that you are playing at the time.