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How to Reset Voicemail Password on iPhone


The days are long gone when you had to phone a number and then dial your voicemail password when prompted by a robotic voice. Now, all you have to do is dial your voicemail password. In today’s world, resetting the password for your voicemail may be accomplished with only a few taps. When you wish to prevent those voicemails from being listened to or viewed by any other person, this is an excellent solution.

In addition to the password that you set up to access your iPhone, you are also able to set up a passcode that can be used to access your voicemail on the iPhone. Here is how to reset the password for the voicemail app on your iPhone.

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How to Reset your Voicemail Password on an iPhone

1. On your iPhone, launch the app labelled Settings.

How to Reset Voicemail Password on iPhone

2. Navigate to the “Phone” option at the bottom of the page. This choice is represented by a green icon that features a picture of a conventional telephone to its left. Select this menu item.

How to Reset Voicemail Password on iPhone

3. On the following page, scroll all the way down until you find the option that says “Change Voicemail Password.” The language for this particular option, in contrast to those of the other choices on this list, is written in blue. Select this menu item.

How to Reset Voicemail Password on iPhone

4. You will be presented with a keypad that will request that you input a new password for your voicemail. You are allowed to enter a password that is between four and ten digits in length, but it cannot be any shorter.

5. After you have typed in the password that you want to use, hit the “Done” button in the top right-hand corner.

How to Reset Voicemail Password on iPhone

6. You will be required to re-enter the new password in order to verify that it was successfully changed. After you have done so, touch “Done” once more.

You have now successfully updated your voicemail password and have completed the reset process.


What is iPhone voicemail password?

Try your hand at entering the default voicemail password on your iPhone before you start debugging. Every new iPhone comes with a pre-configured voicemail password already in place. In most cases, the default password is the last four digits of your social security number; if this is not the case, the default password is either 0000, 1111, or 1234.

Why is my iPhone suddenly asking for a voicemail password?

There are situations in which an iPhone will constantly request a voice mail password, even when it has not prompted the user for the code in the recent past. This could take place either when you are attempting to view your messages or when you are not even using the voice mail system at the moment. Verify that your password is correct, then change it to see if it resolves the issue.

Why is my voicemail unavailable on my iPhone?

You can perform troubleshooting on the voicemail feature of your iPhone in a number of different methods, provided that the problem is not caused by an outage. You could try changing the password for your voicemail, updating your iOS, resetting the network settings on your device, turning on and off aeroplane mode, or restarting the Phone app.

Why is voicemail asking for a PIN?

After gathering certain security information from you, the team will have to generate a temporary pin for you. Setting a pin for your Voicemail is recommended anyway because doing so makes the service more secure and enables you to access your messages from any phone.

Why has my voicemail stopped working?

In the event that your Android device is still unable to send or receive voicemails, you should, as a last option, think about resetting the network settings on your Android device. If you do that, all of your previously saved Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices will be deleted, and all of your preferences for network settings will be reset to their factory settings.

What is the default Vodafone voicemail PIN?

Re: voicemail security code

The default code is 3333, but if you haven’t changed it, you won’t be able to access your voicemail while travelling or from another phone.