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How To Rewind in The Quarry


The fact that you never know who will make it out alive is one of the most exciting aspects of horror and suspense games. There is always something to be afraid of and some new way to die in any horror video game, regardless of whether the game features vampires, creepy dolls, serial killers, or any other classic horror trope. In The Quarry, one of the game’s strengths is in its ability to force the player to confront the results of their choices.

The Quarry isn’t an entirely heartless movie, despite the fact that its plot is extremely violent. In spite of the fact that the knowledge that even seemingly insignificant choices could result in the death of another player is a significant contributor to The Quarry’s fun and tension, the game does feature a one-of-a-kind gameplay mechanic called Death Rewind that will allow the player to save some lives. This is how you can get your bearings back at The Quarry.

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How To Rewind in The Quarry

If the player has unlocked Death Rewind using either of the two methods discussed above, they will be able to discover the function in the Accessibility section of the Options panel and enable it there if they have already done so. If a character passes away when Death Rewind is active, the game will halt and the player will be offered the choice to rewind the game in order to save that character’s life. If the player chooses to do so, the game will continue as normal.

How To Rewind in The Quarry

As a result of the fact that Death Rewind can only be used three times during the course of a game of The Quarry, it cannot be considered a limitless “get out of jail free” card. Some errors can be rectified, while others must be suffered through in order to be learned from.

If the player’s character dies as a result of the player’s failure to successfully complete a Quick-Time Event (QTE), then the player will need to successfully complete that QTE when they attempt it again. This is a point that is often ignored, but it is a crucial one. If they are unsuccessful once more, The Quarry character will perish once more, causing them to throw away a valuable usage of Death Rewind. The player should always go into these scenarios prepared in order to avoid mistakenly wasting the most valuable resource in the game.


Can you replay chapter in The Quarry?

The Quarry does, in fact, offer a chapter pick feature.

You will not be able to return to a prior chapter if you are already in the middle of your playthrough. You are able to continue with that playtime even if you make alternative choices, and you will be able to observe how the game develops into later chapters as a result of those choices. But, you can’t jump between chapters.

Do Your choices actually matter in The Quarry?

Nearly anything in the game may be followed to some destination, regardless of how major or minor it may be. Every decision has repercussions, which makes it even more challenging to make a decision when faced with a screen full of potential possibilities. In The Quarry, there are a lot of situations that at the time appear little and trivial but end up having major ramifications.

Should I reel in or jump in The Quarry?

If we leap, Emma won’t have to worry about being attacked. If we reel in, Emma will get bitten. Whatever the case may be, now that Emma has been rescued, it is time to pay another visit to the fortune teller and bring this chapter to a close.

Can you stop Max from dying in The Quarry?

Players have the option of either staying on land or swimming in the water when presented with this choice. DO NOT get into the water if you value your own life or the life of Max. Max’s only chance of surviving is to make his way through the forest. If he attempts to swim, Caleb will rip out his throat, and all of the effort that has been put into keeping him alive through the other characters will have been in vain.