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How to Unlock Hammer Enhancements in Destiny 2


Season of the Splicer is Destiny 2’s new season. The tale continues from Season of the Chosen, pitting Guardians against the Cabal. During the Cabal conflict, battleground events end with loot boxes. The Hammer of Proving can open these chests. Season of the Chosen Guardians will recognise H.E.L.M. (Hub for Emergency and Logistical Maneuvers). H.E.L.M. will be the major hub for vendors, the Postmaster, and seasonal plot material in Destiny 2’s fourth year. The H.E.L.M. War Table is central. The War Table offers seasonal tasks, Cabal upgrades, and the Hammer of Proving. This hammer can’t be utilized whenever players want; it’s only equipped when needed. The War Table has unlockable Hammer Enhancements to improve the Hammer of Proving.

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How to Unlock Hammer Enhancements in Destiny 2

How to Unlock Hammer Enhancements in Destiny 2

Guardians who want to level up their Hammer of Proving have a number of quests from which to choose. Seasonal tasks that earn War Table Reputation can be used to get access to Hammer Enhancements. Those Guardians who wish to use the Hammer Enhancements must first earn enough reputation to raise the War Table to level two. When a Guardian uses their hammer to open a Tribute Chest during a battleground event, they will receive a Cabal Gold as a reward. This is not the most helpful upgrade, but it is the prerequisite for all the others.

A player can select which upgrades to the Hammer of Proving they would like to acquire from the War Table’s Enhancements section. The improvements are displayed in three columns, with the same improvements shown in each column. Improvements made in the first tier receive an upgrade in the second, which boosts their effectiveness, and a further upgrade in the third.

How to Unlock Hammer Enhancements in Destiny 2

Even though the Season of the Chosen has ended, the Hammer of Proving will remain in Destiny 2 until at least the month of November. Before the Hammer of Proving’s removal from the War Table, players will have ample time to acquire its benefits. The Guardians’ efforts to improve the Hammer of Proving are not going to be thwarted any time soon, so they may relax.


How do you upgrade the war table in Destiny 2?

To begin the process of upgrading the War Table in Destiny 2, you will first need to interact with the War Table and then click on the enormous Upgrade banner that can be seen inside the War Table menu.

What upgrades crown of sorrow?

Channeling, Reaping, and Manifesting are the three rows that make up the available upgrades. The primary focus of channelling upgrades is on improving weapons that are found in the world or that you can concentrate on using the Crown of Sorrow.

What planet is crown of sorrow on?

After completing An Imperial Summons and The Invitation, the Crown of Sorrow raid node may be located in the Leviathan node on Nessus. However, this can only be done once the other two quests have been finished. Following the conclusion of The Invitation, the Crown of Sorrow raid will become available in the Leviathan node on Nessus.

Do you need season pass for Bound in sorrow?

Remember that if you do not buy the Battle Pass for this season of the game, you will only have access to the activities and not the Bound in Sorrow questline. If you do not possess the Battle Pass, you will only be able to participate in the activities. If the playback doesn’t start within a short amount of time, you should try restarting your device.

Will the Leviathan raid come back?

Wrath of the Machine is the only other possibility that has been taken into consideration at this point, however King’s Fall is the most popular assumption. However, Bungie has not provided any specific details regarding its plans to reinstate the Destiny 2 raids it vaulted, such as Leviathan, despite the fact that the full space is now available once more in the game.