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How to Wait in Dying Light 2


The only way to kill time while playing Dying Light 2 is to wait. This is significant because certain missions will only be accessible during the night, whereas other missions might only take place during the day. Because of the day and night cycle, you’ll probably find that you’d rather wait than speed up the passage of time in order to get to the precise moment when something becomes available. There are a few different options for passing the time while playing Dying Light 2, but one of them is likely the most viable choice. Now, here’s how to go about doing that:

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How to Wait in Dying Light 2

Find a bed and interact with it in Dying Light 2 in order to wait for something. Aiden will wait until sunset if it is daytime, but he will sleep until sunrise if it is nighttime. If it is daytime, Aiden will sleep until sunset. This is an alternative way to kill time in the game to standing around and watching the clock in the bottom right corner of the screen tick away.

How to Wait in Dying Light 2

You won’t necessarily need to be in close proximity to a bed in order to have the ability to advance the hands of time. You will only have access to this option if you accept a quest that takes place at the time that is opposite to the current time. The majority of the time, this will be used to skip ahead in time to a quest that takes place at night. To accomplish this, first accept the quest and then immediately afterward press the button prompt that appears on the screen. On a personal computer, you will need to keep the T key pressed down, while on a console, you will need to press down on the D-pad. Time will move more quickly for you if you’ve done it correctly.

How to Wait in Dying Light 2

On the other hand, if you don’t do it correctly, the fast-forward mechanism won’t work, and you’ll have to look for a place to sleep. Because of this, it’s probably best to just wait on a bed instead of standing around. When you unlock the open world mode, one of the first things you should do is look around windmills because they are one of the first things you should investigate in the game. There is a lot to discover, particularly in the area around the windmills. Since you now know how to wait in Dying Light 2, you are free to investigate the areas of the game world that can only be accessed during the nighttime hours.


Why can’t I rest in Dying Light 2?

How to fix the problem with the rest being inaccessible! This glitch occurs when a player joins a certain cooperative game, which causes the player’s personal in-game clock to become unresponsive; for example, my clock remained frozen at 14:08. If you participate in a number of quick join games (usually 1-6) without using a server list and leave the game after each one, your clock will be reset by one of the games at some point.

Is Dying Light 2 500 hours in the story?

It will take approximately 70–80 hours to complete the main story and all of the side quests. People who are interested in purchasing Dying Light 2 on February 4, 2022, or later, will either be relieved (or terrified) to learn that the game’s developer, Techland, has confirmed that it will take “at least 500 hours” to finish the game from start to finish.

How many endings do Dying Light 2 have?

five endings
There are at least five different possible conclusions to reach in Dying Light 2, along with a few variants and a secret conclusion that isn’t all that satisfying. Which one you get is determined on your relationship with Hakon, whether or not you choose to side with the PK at the Radio Tower, and whether or not you veer from the route of the PK and end up supporting Juan at the Radio Tower.

Was Dying Light 2 a success?

According to all reports, Dying Light 2 was an enormous success for Techland, which had been working on the sequel for years prior to its release. However, arriving at that point of achievement was not a simple task.