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How to Send a Story as a Direct Message on Instagram


You are able to publish on Instagram Stories so that your followers can see what you have been up to, but each story only lasts for 24 hours (unless, of course you add them to your Highlights). Even if you haven’t been tagged in someone else’s Instagram story, you can still send them a direct message on Instagram and share a story with them. The procedure is as follows.

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How to Send a Story as a Direct Message on Instagram

The steps that need to be taken are outlined in the following paragraphs.

1. Using the link that was supplied, locate the story that you would like to send and navigate to it.

2. To move forward, touch the three dots that are situated in the display’s lower-right hand corner.

How to Send a Story as a Direct Message on Instagram

3. Select one of these options as your answer. Deliver to…

How to Send a Story as a Direct Message on Instagram

4. While you’re in the Direct Messages section of Instagram, tap the name of the person or account to which you want to send your story. You will need to repeat steps 4 and 5 if you wish to send your story to more than one account.

How to Send a Story as a Direct Message on Instagram


Can I turn off read receipts on Instagram?

Unfortunately, the answer is not yes. You will only be able to read messages without alerting the sender if you first switch your phone into Airplane Mode, then exit Instagram before reading the message, and then turn Airplane Mode back off when you have finished reading the message. You do not have any other option available to you.

Can someone see if I read their message multiple times?

No, there will only ever be one read receipt, and it will appear when you read the message for the very first time. This is because there can only ever be one read receipt. This is for the simple reason that there will never be a read receipt again. It is not possible to make any changes to this.

Can someone see if I deleted a message?

When you are finished with something on Instagram and you hold down on a message that you have sent, you will get the option to ‘Unsend’ it when the time is perfect. This option is only available for a limited amount of time. After this point, the receiver will no longer have access to the content, even though it’s possible that they had viewed and read it in the past. However, they won’t be able to access it again.

Can I stop someone from messaging me without blocking their account?

You are able to silence someone’s discussion with you even if you cannot prevent them from sending you a direct message (DM) without blocking their entire profile. This function comes in handy if someone is sending you unwanted messages or if you simply do not wish to read their communications. Open the person’s direct message by tapping on their username in the top left corner of Instagram and opening up their DM. To silence incoming messages, toggle the option located in this menu. However, you won’t be notified when the other person sends you a message because you won’t be receiving any notifications from them.