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How to Summon a Golem in Diablo 4


The Diablo 4 Necromancer class delivers a dose of self-retribution to the undead. Necromancers can summon the undead to battle for them and even sharp bone spears to slay their foes using essence. But if you really want to intimidate your adversaries, you should learn how to conjure golems. The Necromancer, a long-time fan favorite class, is one of the strongest classes in Diablo 4 and is accessible at launch. The Necromancer is a potent source of obscene magic, capable of reviving the dead, flinging bones, detonating corpses, and many other things. Reading this guide, you may learn how to summon a golem in Diablo 4. Consequently, let’s begin:

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How to Summon a Golem in Diablo 4

Calling a golem is helpful, especially if you require a tank or more hands for dealing damage. If you follow these instructions, summoning a golem is rather simple:

1. Go to the page for your skill assignment. The shortcut key for PC players is S. Console gamers, on the other hand, must use the Menu or Options buttons to select the Abilities tab.

How to Summon a Golem in Diablo 4

2. Your Book of the Dead summons—your Golem is the one on the right—can be found at the bottom of your list of available skills on the Skill Assignment page. A list of your Golem’s skills, its type, and an option to Assign Skill are also displayed; choose it.

How to Summon a Golem in Diablo 4

3. Choose “Confirm” to assign the Golem to a free skill slot. Make a mistake? Click “Unassign” to correct it.

How to Summon a Golem in Diablo 4

4. Press the key or button you designated for your Golem to call it.

What are the Golem variants in Diablo 4

Other variations, such as Blood Golems and Iron Golems, which become available at levels 28 and 32, can be unlocked as you advance. But you’ll begin with Bone Golems initially.

I enjoy Iron Golems because of how well they can strike numerous adversaries. You may prefer the Bone or Blood Golems or even sacrifice them for more crit strike damage, but you’ll lose the ability to summon Golems if you do so. This depends on your Necromancer build.


Why aren t my Golems appearing Diablo 4?

You can summon the Golem once your ability level reaches 25, so if you aren’t there, you can’t. You must finish the task Necromancer Call of the Underworld. Once you reach level 25, a priority quest for it will appear. The Fractured Peaks region, northwest of Menestad, is where you may find the task sign.

Can I summon golem and Skeletons Diablo 4?

You are able to run both simultaneously as long as you perform the manual intervention. Simply add the Golem to your ability bar, just as you would the Skeletons or any other abilities you currently utilize.

What is the best skeleton mage in Diablo 4?

Because there is no “best” Skeletal Mage, all Skeletal Mages are good. What makes the best Skeletal Mage ultimately depends on your unique Necromancer build. Shadow Mages are the natural choice to optimize your Shadow damage if you are playing a Shadow Necromancer build.

Where is the dragon in Diablo 4?

The Kor Dragan Stronghold is next to the Kor Dragan Barracks. On the world map, this fortress is situated exactly north of Kyovashad in the Kor Dragan region of the Fractured Peaks. Additionally, it is east of Menestad.

What is the most DMG class in Diablo 4?

Rogue. In Diablo 4, the Rogue is a high damage, high mobility class with one particularly potent build that makes it stand out: Twisting Blades.