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How To Taunt in Multiversus


Even though the taunt is not necessarily the best move to use in MultiVersus, there are situations in which it is okay to use it. It is rather safe to pull one off towards the beginning or finish of a match, when there is a lower likelihood of being hit by an opponent’s attack. However, it’s also possible to do it in the middle of the match. This will almost certainly set up the character for a free hit, but it will also significantly aggravate the other players in the match. Players who are frustrated during MultiVersus don’t perform at their best. This fighter has a head game component, and those who want to participate can learn how to taunt their opponent by reading this guide. To taunt someone in multiversus, the steps are as follows:

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How To Taunt in Multiversus

On Controller And PC:

  • Controller : Any direction on the D-Pad
  • PC: t, 1, 2, 3, or 4

Players will only have access to a single taunt for each of their characters when the game first begins (see the next section for how to acquire more). The default controls can be changed in the settings menu, which means that users who want to make it more or less convenient can do so in a relatively straightforward manner.

How To Taunt in Multiversus

It bears repeating that taunting, in any form, will almost always result in the target being struck by an attack, and this is especially true for larger characters that are vulnerable to damage. Just keep in mind that taunting an opponent may make you laugh, but it is never a bad idea, even if the hitbox mechanism is reworked in the future.

How to Getting More Taunts

After just an hour or two, players will have a solid grasp on the steps required to acquire Gleamium on their own. What should you buy with that Gleamium? The good news is that players who enjoy teasing other players can now spend their valuable currency on additional taunts.

How To Taunt in Multiversus