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How to Toast Other Players in Multiversus


Toasting a player in MultiVersus not only makes for great comedic value owing to the absurdity of the game’s premise, but it also has practical applications in that it awards the player who is toasted with some additional gold. It will take more than 20,000 Gold to unlock all seventeen of the characters that are currently available in the MultiVersus roster, so earning this additional Gold will go a long way toward achieving your goals.

Keeping all of this in mind, it is safe to state that Toasting in MultiVersus features a significant amount of positive reinforcement. The question that may be in the minds of many players, though, is how precisely one player is expected to Toast another player. They are in luck, because this guide will explain just that to them. The following is a guide on how to defeat other players in Multiversus:

How to Toast Other Players in Multiversus

To begin, you can only do a Toast in the results screen after a match has been completed. It has been claimed by a small number of players that they are unable to use Toast until either the final game of the set or until someone declines the rematch. However, these instances are extremely rare. After the players have reached the final results page and given the results a second to load, a “Toast” option should display above the Ring Outs results box of every other player. This allows players to compare their scores with those of other players. At this stage in the game, all the players need to do to finish the Toasting is move the cursor over this button, then click it.

How to Toast Other Players in Multiversus

After a player has been “Toasted,” a notice box should appear in the upper right corner of their screen. Within this box, the player should have the option to “Toast Back.” In most cases, this option is available in case the player accidentally advanced to the next screen after pressing the Toast button and now want to return to the previous one. As a result of this figurative “Thumbs Up,” each player who is Toasted receives an additional 20 Gold at the end of the match. This means that there is also a real financial incentive for doing so.

Where To Get More Toast in Multiversus

Toast is a scarce resource in MultiVersus, which is something that players typically aren’t aware of until they’ve already used up all of their supplies of it. The most common method for acquiring additional Toast is to use in-game Gold to purchase it. This option is always accessible on the top right of the results screen (just click the Toast logo), as well as on the top right of the Collection menu.

How to Toast Other Players in Multiversus

Having said that, the price is somewhat high. It is not really recommended for a player to buy 10 Toast because it costs a hefty 350 Gold, which is equivalent to Training three discounted Perks. This means that a player should not buy 10 Toast unless they have already unlocked all of the characters and trained the MultiVersus Perks that are most beneficial to their particular playstyle.

Toast can be unlocked in a number of different ways, some of which do not require the use of gold. For example, players receive five Toast for the first time they level up a character to level 3, and the pre-season Battle Pass rewards both free and premium players with a total of 25 Toast in various forms.

What does Toasting do?

Simply acknowledging your opponent’s or teammate’s efforts in the game by giving them Toast and indicating that you wish to reward them with one of your limited Toasts is all that is required to provide Toast. The act of giving toast can also be a daily challenge, and it also counts toward the requirements for a number of the game’s trophies and achievements. When you “Toast” another player, that person will also receive a notification and will have the opportunity to “Toast” you in an easy manner. If, on the other hand, you get toasted, you will receive 25 gold as a prize.