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How to Timeout on Twitch


If you are unfamiliar with the process of setting a timeout on Twitch, you may learn how to do so by reading this post in its entirety. In the next section, I will demonstrate how to carry out the aforementioned activity in a methodical and step-by-step fashion. Greetings, friends! The topic for today is how to use the timeout function on Twitch.

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How to Timeout on Twitch

1. Navigate to the user’s profile page on Twitch and click on their username.

2. Select the Timeout user by clicking on it.

How to Timeout on Twitch

3. You also have the option to time out by entering “/timeout username” into the text field.

How to Timeout on Twitch

They will not be able to participate in the chat for ten minutes as a result of this, however after that time period they will be unbanned. By typing “/timeout username and the number of seconds,” you have the ability to timeout two other players for a period of your choosing.

How to Timeout on Twitch

For instance, if you put “/timeout username 60,” it indicates that you have the ability to pause them for 1 minute because 1 minute is equal to 60 seconds.

The messages of the user who was timed out are also deleted when the session times out.


What is the timeout command on twitch?

With the use of this command, you have the ability to temporarily kick someone out of the chat room for a period of 10 minutes by default. If the temporary ban was successful, both you and the person whose topic you temporarily banned will be informed of this information in chat. A previous timeout command will be deleted when a new one is issued.

There is no method to trigger nightbot’s timeout feature on a specific individual. Why aren’t your moderators able to stop people themselves when their time is up? The command gives the user no more time. I am aware that there is a timeout option, but playing like that is much more enjoyable.

Therefore, it would be possible for each streamer to designate one person in their stream as a “SUPER MOD.” This individual would have more permissions than regular moderators. For instance, the SUPER MOD would have the authority to mod or demod other users while they are watching the stream. Another possibility is that the “SUPER MOD” is given a unique emblem that allows them to be distinguished from the other moderators in conversation.

Can mods give channel points?

Channel points and their values are not under the moderators’ authority; nevertheless, they can assist streamers with the administration of channel points. They have the ability to assist with the reward queue by marking them as completed, rejecting them, requesting refunds, reporting abuse, or pausing redemptions for the channel(s) that they moderate.

How do you Timeout on discord?

To view a user’s profile, moderators and administrators need to press and hold on the avatar of the user in question. After that, you need to press the Timeout button and then confirm the length of the timeout.