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How to Turn Off RCS Messaging on Android Phone


RCS messaging, more commonly referred to as “chat features,” has been made available on Android phones for a number of years now, and Google has now achieved its goal of gaining penetration across all three carriers in the United States. RCS messaging gives you the ability to send messages via Wi-Fi and mobile data, as well as see when messages have been sent and when someone is reacting to them, and a lot more besides. This article will walk you through the steps necessary to disable RCS messaging on your mobile device. So let’s get started:

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How to Turn Off RCS Messaging on Android Phone

If you still have access to your phone, you can stop RCS messaging by going into the Google Messages app on your phone and selecting the appropriate option.

1. Open Messages.

2. Tap the three dots that are situated in the upper right corner of the screen to access the settings for the app.

How to Turn Off RCS Messaging on Android Phone

3. Choose from the Available Features in the Chat.

How to Turn Off RCS Messaging on Android Phone

4. To enable the chat functionality, tap the toggle switch that’s located in the options menu.

How to Turn Off RCS Messaging on Android Phone

When you have completed those steps, RCS messaging will be disabled automatically.


How do I delete RCS?

Launch RCS, then choose the Electronic reporting workspace tile from the menu that appears. Choose Delete RCS environment from the list of related links in the section. Examine the notifications regarding the extent of environment deletion that show in the dialog box that just appeared. It is not possible to undo the deletion of an RCS environment.

Is my phone using RCS?

Make sure the RCS settings on your device are up to date.

Select the Chat features menu, then look for the Status value. If your device’s Status displays as Connected, RCS is currently running on it.

What are RCS settings?

RCS, which stands for Rich Communication Services and is commonly referred to as Chat, is an improved messaging experience that is available on Android devices. It is an upgrade from standard text and SMS messaging and is comparable to iMessage and WhatsApp. Chat is made possible by Google’s Android platform and may be accessed by using either the Messages app offered by Samsung or the Android Messages app offered by Google.

Is RCS automatically enabled on Google Messages?

RCS is compatible with the default messaging app that is pre-installed on Android phones and works flawlessly with it. This app is called “Messages.” However, users are required to send messages from an RCS-compatible messaging app while utilizing a phone that supports RCS. This is a prerequisite for receiving RCS messages.

What is the difference between SMS and RCS?

When compared to rich communication services (RCS) messaging, short message service (SMS) messaging does not permit the sending of large attachments of a high quality. RCS messaging does. On top of this, RCS is able to deliver read receipts, whilst the latter cannot do so.

Does RCS use SMS?

RCS is an abbreviation for “Rich Communication Suite,” and it’s simply an enhanced version of the SMS messaging standard that’s been around since the 1980s. RCS was developed by Qualcomm and stands for “Rich Communication Suite.” RCS is quite similar in appearance and operation to the texting you have been using for many years; however, it adds a few new elements that make the overall experience that much more enjoyable.