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How to Unlock Baptiste in Overwatch 2


The sequel to Overwatch, which has been one of the most anticipated player-versus-player video games of 2022, has at long last been published, and it is already proving to be successful. I feel that everybody who enjoys playing competitive first-person shooter games should, at the very least, give Overwatch a chance at least once, regardless of whether or not they have ever played it before. This recommendation stands regardless of whether or not they have ever played it before. By following the instructions in this guide, you will be able to gain access to Baptiste in Overwatch 2. So let’s get started:

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How to Unlock Baptiste in Overwatch 2

Baptiste is a fantastic character that is ideal for players who enjoy playing the support role but don’t prefer to take a very hands-off approach as Mercy does, because Baptiste allows for a more active role. In point of fact, I find that I am able to eliminate more enemies using Baptiste than I do with other Damage heroes.

In order to gain access to Baptiste in Overwatch 2, you will need to complete one hundred matches. Getting wins is the most efficient way to unlock her quickly, as wins grant twice the normal amount of progression.

How to Unlock Baptiste in Overwatch 2

To tell you the truth, finishing all 100 games is not exactly a walk in the park. Additionally, it is possible that you will find this work challenging if you are new to the game Overwatch. Naturally, the grind is not even close to being on par with the Sombra grind. If you play Support on a regular basis and take into account how fantastic Baptiste is, I would argue that unlocking him is a decision that is 100 percent in your best interest to make. In Ranked, Baptiste can be a highly helpful character.

How to Unlock Baptiste in Overwatch 2

And that is all; you will now be able to unlock Baptiste in Overwatch 2 once you have completed these steps. You may view your progress toward completing this objective, which is a part of the Hero Challenges, by heading to the Main Menu and selecting Challenges > Hero from the drop-down menu.


Is Baptiste in Overwatch 2?

The spring jump is another useful ability that Baptiste has gained in Overwatch 2, and it is one of the new features. Baptiste is able to fling himself quite high into the air if you crouch for a little bit longer than a half a second and then leap. His crouch jump is not only a useful technique of escape if you find yourself trapped or in a tight spot, but it also has a few other applications as well.

Did Overwatch 2 remove any heroes?

This decision was made only a few weeks after the heroes Bastion and Torbjorn were also removed from the game due to issues that were causing significant interruptions to the gameplay. Their removal was just one of many problems that hampered the game’s troubled debut, which also included lengthy wait times and persistent DDoS attacks.

How to play Baptiste Overwatch 2?

Helpful Hints and Pointers for Baptiste

Because of the emphasis placed on great mobility in Overwatch 2, Baptiste should often be placed in the middle of the squad. This allows him to use his Exo Boots to launch higher and give some aerial healing and assistance. In addition to that, you can utilise it as a means of evasion to get away from your foes and gain some height in the process.

How did Baptiste hurt his arm?

Niels was cornered in a public square after going on the run for a while after being pursued by his pursuers. After taking his mother as a prisoner, he mistakenly shot her in the head, which resulted in her death. He then shot his father Baptiste in the arm before they dragged him away.

Will Overwatch 1 be deleted?

Blizzard has confirmed that the Overwatch 1 servers will be shut down for good on October 2.