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How to Unlock Cosmicubes in Among Us


The Cosmicubes upgrade has resulted in a significant reduction in the amount of content available in Among Us as a result of this. In addition to the addition of new content, new gameplay mechanics have been incorporated, such as the ability to earn experience points in order to progress through the game’s levels. New cosmetic items are being added to the site in conjunction with the inclusion of new content.

Now that players have access to Cosmicubes, which are cosmetic items that they can earn, they will be able to use them. So, how does one obtain access to Cosmicubes in Injustice: Gods Among Us, and how do you get there?

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How to Unlock Cosmicubes in Among Us

To begin, Cosmicubes gives players the option of turning the time they spend playing Among Us into redeemable gifts that can be obtained through Cosmicubes. In addition to other incentives, they can now earn different resources while playing, including experience, Pods, and Beans, among other things. Cosmicubes may only be obtained through the utilization of a variety of resources.

Beans (or Stars, as The Last of Us’ premium currency is known) are used to acquire Cosmicubes, which are a type of ice cube. Users earn Beans by participating in and completing matches; however, once a Cosmicube has been acquired, this currency is no longer useful to the player and is no longer available.

The first thing players will notice about Cosmicubes is how many branching routes it has, as well as how many numbers are associated with each one. It is necessary to spend Pods in order to unlock a path (and proceed down that road). Earning Pods can also be accomplished by actively participating in the game.

There is, however, a catch: pods can only be gained if you have a Cosmicube in your possession. The moment you purchase one (either with Beans or Stars), you’ll begin to accumulate Pods in your inventory. After that, spending Pods within the Cosmicube unlocks new objects for you to use.

The introduction of a plethora of different types of Pods in Among Us further complicates matters. Cosmicubes are classified according to the sort of Cosmicube that you have selected to acquire. In order to obtain a certain type of Pod, it is required to have a Cosmicube activated with the same type of Pod as the one being sought.

Earning Pods and Beans much more quickly in order to acquire Cosmicubes is useful in Among Us, as it is advantageous to level up. Despite the fact that levelling up has no direct effect on Cosmicubes, the number of Pods and Beans that players win is influenced by their level.



Where can I buy cosmic cubes Among Us?

All of this may be obtained through the game’s in-game store. Here’s everything you need to know about obtaining the Cosmicubes’ unlock code. The Cosmicubes require either a star or a bean to function properly. The former is a premium money that can be purchased from the game’s store, whilst beans are a smaller currency that can be earned by participating in the game.

How do I get a pet in Among Us?

Pets can be purchased from the in-game store in The Last of Us. At the moment, there are five pet bundles available, each of which costs $2.99/£2.79. The Bedcrab bundle, the Brainslug bundle, the Hamster bundle, the Mini Crewmate bundle, and the Stickmin bundle are some of the options available.