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How to Change Chat Type in Among Us


A gem in the rough, it is a game that has been brought back from the dead and is now being streamed on Twitch as a consequence of the community’s support. The fact that its velocity has reduced to a certain extent does not mean that it has stopped moving! It’s possible that the adjustment in the Among Us discussion style, which was specifically designed for quick chat, played a role, but it’s also possible that it did not. The fact that this upgrade has been in place for some years can make it seem a little unusual to cope with at times. It is possible, though, that even if the developers had the best of intentions when they built it, it will be a cause of frustration for certain people. Fortunately, there is another option open to you as a last resort.

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What are the Issues with Chat in Among Us?

Innersloth made the decision to implement safety precautions in Among Us, which had a significant impact on how players communicated with one another during the loading lobbies and throughout the games themselves. The developers’ decision to eliminate the ability to type in chat for certain account holders may have been described as ‘slightly fishy’ by some, but they had excellent reasons for making this decision.

This was introduced during the most recent update, where certain account holders were granted specific capabilities in the chat, allowing them to communicate in a variety of ways. In order to accommodate players under the age of 13, as well as those who aren’t particularly enthusiastic in typing their own accusations or questions to fellow gamers, the Quick Chat wheel was developed.

However, even though it is completely free to create an account, those who choose not to do so will only be allowed to access Quick Chat.

How to Change Chat Type in Among Us

If you are interested in changing the type of chat you are using, there is a relatively simple method of doing so that does not require you to navigate through a plethora of sub-menus to accomplish.

The following are the procedures to be followed:

  • To access the Options menu, select it from the drop-down menu.
  • Make a selection of information.
  • The Chat Type option can be found in this section of the menu. At your discretion, you can now choose between Quick Chat and Free Chat or between Quick Chat and Free Chat.

It is important to note that players under the age of thirteen who have made accounts will no longer be allowed to use the Free Chat feature, and they will be restricted to using just the Quick Chat feature in their accounts from now on.



Why can’t I change chat type in Among Us?

It is a rather straightforward patch, and for users above the age of thirteen, the ability to type in the conversation in Among Us is a completely free feature. In other words, if you are having trouble typing in Among Us, the most likely reason is that you are playing the game in Guest Mode.

Is Among Us a dead game?

However, there has been a recent decline in player numbers, leading some to conclude that the game is no longer alive. To assert that Among Us is no longer alive is simply incorrect.