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How to Add a Friend in Among Us


A loyal and dependable companion by your side during a game of Among Us is a wonderful feeling that can’t be described. It saves time and energy to have their back close at hand while reaching over to stab it because it is so near. It is true that indulging in dishonesty, treachery, and overall duplicitousness with individuals you love and trust is the crowning achievement when it comes to The Last of Us game play and gaming. Raising the ante makes the game more exciting, while also making manipulation and emotional blackmail simpler – and ultimately more fulfilling.

First and foremost, though, one must acquire some genuine, genuine pals with whom to share the lovely, wonderful sociopathic ambrosia.

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H0w to Making your friend code

A page will appear, regardless of the operating system you are using to play Among Us, prompting you to generate a buddy code. Unfortunately, you will not be able to enter in a name; instead, it will be generated randomly. Choose the one that best suits your needs. It may take some time because the programme will generate random phrases such as Necknet.

Once you’ve chosen your buddy code, you’ll be given a number that will correspond to it. Navigate to the Account icon, which may be found at the upper right of the main menu. It should be accompanied by a red crewmate. You’ll find a card with your buddy code and username on it when you get there. The buddy code is the thing we want to pay attention to in this case. To reveal the card, press the eye icon in the upper right corner of the card. Type it out in a word processing system such as Google Drive for future reference, and then send it to your pals over Discord or another communication application to get their feedback.

How to Add a Friend in Among Us

When you want to add a friend, you’ll need to get their friend code first. Navigate to your Friends List, which can be found on the left-hand side of the main menu. A pop-up window will appear on the right side of the screen. Select “Add a friend by code” and then put in the offer your buddy is making to you. After you’ve entered the buddy code into the box, hit or click on the green plus symbol on the right side of the screen to continue.

While playing Among Us, you might wish to add someone to your friend list who you think is quite amazing. This may be accomplished by going to the Friends List menu and selecting the tab that has a crewmate next to a clock. After that, you may start adding people you’ve met to this area.

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