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How to Unlock Legend And Master Lost Sectors In Destiny 2


Legend and Master Lost Sectors are two new features that have been added to Destiny 2 by Beyond Light. These exceptionally difficult challenges are essentially Nightfalls played out in Lost Sector’s environment. Unlocking the Legend and Mastering Lost Sectors are prerequisites for players who want to increase their chances of obtaining new Exotics and awards. However, completing these won’t be a simple task, so make sure you’re ready for some competition.

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How to Unlock Legend & Master Lost Sectors – Destiny 2

There are a few prerequisites that must be satisfied before you may proceed to the Legendary and Master Lost Sectors, respectively. As soon as these requirements are satisfied, you will be eligible to enter and begin a Legendary or Master Lost Sector (more on that below). 

  • Complete normal version of the Lost Sector
  • Reach Power 1200

To begin, you will need to truly finish the normal difficulty of the Lost Sector. This requires travelling to the patrol zone, gaining access to the Lost Sector, vanquishing the boss, and robbing the cache. The Lost Sector will be removed from the map as a result of this action. This is a guide that will show you where all of the Lost Sectors are in Destiny 2, including the ones that are newly added on the Cosmodrome and Europa.

The second requirement is that your Power level must be at least 1200. After you have finished the Beyond Light campaign, you should be able to unlock this achievement. Spend some time farming Strikes, doing Public Events, and otherwise working on Milestones if you haven’t reached that Power yet when the campaign is over. Aside from that, it is almost certain that you will wish to make an attempt to reach the new maximum Power in Destiny 2.

Following the completion of those tasks, you will find that both the Legend and Master Lost Sectors are now accessible to you. If you look at the map and locate the distinctive purple emblem, you will be able to determine whether Lost Sector is the Legendary or Master level. In the Master edition, the shield has a sword thrust through it. At this point, it appears that the only locations with Legendary or Master Lost Sectors are the Cosmodrome and Europa.

How to Start a Legend or Master Lost Sector

After unlocking the Legend and Master Lost Sectors, you will undoubtedly want to begin playing in one of them. In order to accomplish this, you will need to travel to the Lost Sector and interact with the banner that is located just outside the entrance to the area. This will transport you to a new instance, where the modifications associated with the Lost Sector will now take effect.

The Power level requirements for the Legend Lost Sector and the Master Lost Sector are different:

  • Power in the Legendary Lost Sector 1250
  • 1280 Power, Master of the Lost Sector.

There is a strong likelihood that you won’t be able to do things so early in the season because of how challenging they are. You might want to think about coming back when you’ve reached a higher Power level. It’s also important to note that the Legend Lost Sectors and Master Lost Sectors could switch locations at random. You will have the opportunity to challenge a new Legend and Master Lost Sector on a daily basis. It might be worth it to wait until you’re more prepared to try one of the other options.

Legend & Master Lost Sector rewards

When a player finishes a Legendary or Master Lost Sector in Destiny 2, they are eligible for a range of awards. Those who are able to complete it on their own (without the assistance of a fireteam), there is a significant possibility that they may obtain one of the new Exotic armour pieces that were added with Beyond Light.

Take a peek at the icon labelled “Legend” or “Master” in the Lost Sector to determine which piece of armour you will receive. If it is an Exotic, it will tell you whether it is for the head, chest, arms, or legs.

There are also rewards available for completing the Legend or Master Lost Sector with a fireteam. Anyone who is successful in accomplishing this task has a chance to acquire Enhancement Cores.