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How to Unlock or Open Maglock in Dead Island 2


Locks in Dead Island 2 come in a wide variety. You’ll need a key, card, or code to get into most of them. However, this is not the only variety. Only one side of some doors can be opened. Fusing in a neighbouring box is required for access to some. Some are secured using magnets. You won’t be able to use a key or anything else to unlock these maglocks. Maglocks in Dead Island 2 can only be unlocked and opened by causing damage to nearby objects. It’s the maglock door’s power panels that need replacing, not the door itself. There may be just one panel, or there may be several. And while some panels are conveniently located and simple to break, others may require some exploration and resourcefulness. How to unlock Dead Island 2 with a maglock is covered in detail here. Okay, so here we go:

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How to Unlock or Open Maglock in Dead Island 2

The mansion that you travel through on your way to Emma’s house is the location of the first maglock door you come across in Dead Island 2. You do not need to follow the cables to discover the panel for this door because it is located directly next to the door and at a level that is visible to you. In order to destroy it, you also do not need to perform any elaborate tricks. However, the next maglock door that you are most likely to come across has two panels, and one of them isn’t quite as easy to locate and destroy as the other.

How to Unlock or Open Maglock in Dead Island 2

You will need to destroy two panels and open the security kiosk’s maglock in order to gain access to the Halperin Security Safe, which is located inside the security kiosk that is located in front of the Halperin Hotel. The first one is located on the back wall of the exterior of the kiosk, making it simple to locate and eliminate it.

How to Unlock or Open Maglock in Dead Island 2

However, in order to locate and eliminate the second one, you will need to search a little bit further and put more effort into your thinking. Because it is located within the kiosk, close to the magnetic lock on the entrance, the only way to view it is through the windows of the kiosk. However, you are unable to approach it in a manner that would allow you to attack it with a melee weapon. Therefore, you will need to hurl one of your weapons, preferably a rather tiny one, through the glass and into the panel.

How to Unlock or Open Maglock in Dead Island 2

This will allow you to enter, but if you want to show how smart you are, you should first take out the alarm box that is located above the maglock door. If you destroy the window of the kiosk without also destroying the alarm box, the alarm will go off, and a horde of zombies will start to shuffle towards you.


What is a maglock in Dead Island 2?

They are the kind of locks that have been beefed up and come equipped with electrical boxes that are connected by cables. Players can find them to be rather challenging, particularly in the earlier stages of the game.

How long will Dead Island 2 be?

The average game of Dead Island 2 is anticipated to take players somewhere between ten and twenty hours to complete.

What is the lore of Dead Island 2?

The plot of Dead Island 2 reveals that the Autophage, a type of time bomb encoded into humanity’s DNA that will eventually transform the majority of people into the zombie, has already spread to every person on the world.

Was Dead Island 2 successful?

After reaching 2 million sales, developers Deep Silver are calling Dead Island 2 “the biggest launch” they have ever had. It has been reported that more than two million copies of Dead Island 2 have already been sold since the game was released, making it “the biggest launch” in history for the companies who developed the game, Plaion and Deep Silver.

How do you disable maglock in Dead Island 2?

In order to turn off Maglock in Dead Island 2, you will need to locate the breaker panel. In order to accomplish this, you will need to follow the lead wires from Maglock. You can typically find the breaker in close proximity to the Maglock, making it easy to track down. Then you should break the breaker panel using whatever way you can think of.