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How to Unlock Super Reactions on Discord


A new reply option that shows next to individual messages has been added to the conversation window in Discord. This new menu will appear next to each and every message. The new reaction feature will quickly show whenever your cursor is hovering over a message in the conversation, which may be quite a pain due of the way it works. The most efficient way for us to convey how we are feeling to one another is through the use of emojis; but, on Discord, you can now make use of a feature called Super Reactions to convey how you are truly feeling. By reading the material that is included in this post, you will get the knowledge necessary to access powerful responses on Discord. So let’s get started:

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How to Unlock Super Reactions on Discord

A subscription to either the basic or premium version of Discord Nitro is required in order to make use of a Super Reaction. You will get access to a specific amount of Super responses per week, and this will be determined by the membership plan that you have purchased.

  • Nitro — This item enables you to carry out five Super Reactions every week.
  • Nitro Basic — This membership tier grants you access to two Super Reactions per week.
  • Nitro Classic — It gives you access to two Super Reactions per week and has no time limit.

How to Unlock Super Reactions on Discord

1. Right-clicking on the message that you want to super respond to after you have already set up your subscription is  the first step.

2. To add a super reaction, click the Add button. You also have the option to move the mouse pointer over the message, then click the icon that looks like a happy face with three dashes underneath it.

3. Choose an appropriate response: (The counter that is located in the upper right-hand corner of the emoji pop-up will show you how many are still available to you.)

4. Now all that has to be done is to add that reaction, and then everything will be finished.

5. If you want to cancel the response that you just sent, simply click the emoji once again, and it will disappear. Have in mind, however, that if you delete a Super Response from a message, the points deducted from your overall balance counter will not be reinstated. This is an essential fact to keep in mind.


What is the maximum reactions in Discord?

The maximum number of buttons that can be contained within a single menu in Discord is twenty; this is also the maximum number of reactions that can be attached to a single message.

What is the best reaction bot for Discord?

The most well-known of Discord’s role bots is called Zira. You can have the members of your server self-assign roles using Zira by having them click on a reaction graphic that corresponds to the role they want to play. When you have a large server with a wide variety of possible roles and channels that are role-specific, this is an excellent method for assigning roles.

How many times can 1 person boost a Discord server?

You currently have one Boost, and it will count towards the overall number of Boosts on the server. It is not necessary for you to manually boost the server on a monthly basis. If you remove a boost from your server while it is already at Tier One, the server will drop a level because it will then have fewer boosts available to it.

What bot is better than MEE6?

Arcane. Arcane is quite similar to MEE6 and Dyno, with the key difference being that the emphasis here is on levelling. You can employ role awards and leaderboards in your server thanks to this feature, which is available at no additional cost to you. Even the bot’s ability to calculate vocal activity is impressive.

Does Nitro give you free boosts?

Advantages of Having a Nitro Subscription

Nitro subscribers receive two server boosts that they can use on any server of their choosing, in addition to a discount of thirty percent off of any future boost purchases they make. In addition, subscribers to Nitro Classic receive a discount of thirty percent! Nitro Basic users are not eligible for a discount or any of the privileges offered by Boost.