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How to upgrade characters in Destiny 2?



Every gamer has their own certain goals and ambitions while playing a game. It’s because a certain level in a game proves how skillful a gamer is. That’s why upgrading the character works as a motivation for the gamer.

But do you know how to upgrade characters in a game? Don’t worry because we will be giving a detailed guideline on how to upgrade characters in Destiny 2 as an example.

So, without delaying more, let’s start exploring.

How to upgrade characters in Destiny 2?

There are many techniques available to update your character. Also some businesses provide services for Destiny 2 boost. But we have selected the easiest and most effective ideas for you. So, without any further delay, let’s dig in.

Make your main character strong

The first requirement to boost your alternate character is to make your main character strong. Your main character should have at least 900 Power caps. Otherwise, you won’t be able to boost your alt character. After that, you will be offered 3 weapons for 3 categories (Power, Energy, & Kinetic).

The next step is to confirm whether you have a seasonal rank of 10 or not. Because it is the minimum level to get rewards of the free tier. If your rank is 15 or 20, then it’s more than perfect to continue further. Lastly, just log out from the existing character and log in again to claim the new guardian.

Go on a shopping spree with your alternate character

First, you have to finish up all the opening missions that are mandatory for all new characters. After that, you will discover yourself with the fresh-born guardian in the tower.

In the next step, open your vault and summon the 3 weapons you had received earlier. Now your character will receive a very quick boost because your character already has a 900 power cap.

Select “Leveling” from the collections menu and spend some Gunmish & Glimmer materials to get your blue armor. You should note that this blue armor has a bit lower power points than average.

Set a target

This is perhaps the most difficult stage to make any decision. But primarily you can just go for achieving 900 power levels. Because it is the easiest method for a beginner. After completing some small tasks, you can accomplish this simple goal.

Game those numbers

Consider this as one of the complex stages of the process. Because in this stage, you have to follow some techniques obediently.

You need to keep buying armors from the collection you have. This will keep adding a certain amount of powers until you get close to your main character’s average power.

Now naturally you will concentrate on the seasonal rewards. You should know that you don’t need to buy any season pass as it is a free tier reward. You will receive armor for every 5 seasonal ranks.

For having the minimum rank that is 10, you will receive 2 armor. But we suggest you not to claim both at the same time. Just claim 1 armor and continue your shopping and keep pulling armors like this.

There will be a gain option showing you the total amount of armor you are receiving. Stop pulling the armor if the number of gain options stops increasing.

In this process, the improvements may seem gradual but it counts whatsoever. Once your process is complete, only then you will receive your 2nd seasonal armor. For further improvements, you should continue the process.

Redeem Tokens

You might have gathered a lot of resources and items throughout the process without spending any. Generally, this is where your collection of resources will help you.

You can spend these resources for the new character to update it. As a result, your new character might have received more than 900 power points. That is worth the spending resources.

And if you have spent money for a season pass, then it makes things a lot easier. Because having a season pass will enable you to get a special package containing numerous resources to claim.

Spend money to boost

All the above suggestions are for free users. If you don’t want to wait for long and are determined to spend money, you can also do it.

As long as you are willing to spend, there will be no barriers to make your alternate character strong. There are a lot of service providers apart from the authority (Bungie), who offer packages at an affordable price. You can also buy Destiny 2 weapons in their online store.


So, after receiving all this information, do you think it will be helpful for you? We assume you are satisfied with our suggestions. Because these are the best possible way to boost your character in the shortest amount of time. Are you

still confused about How to upgrade characters in Destiny 2? Then let us get straight to the point.

You just simply need to spend money as much as you can. By doing this, you will get lots of resources to upgrade your character without any tricks. We believe we could help by sharing these ideas with you.

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