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What Titan Blood Does And How To Use It in Hades


When Hades launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the already classic roguelite will receive the big-screen treatment that it has long deserved. It has great resolution, it has precise action, and it is also available as part of the Xbox Game Pass, so there aren’t many reasons not to play this game.

Titan Blood is the subject of this guide, which will be broken down into its various components. Titan Blood is one of the dozens of objects you can collect while attempting to escape the Underworld, although it isn’t immediately evident how you’ll be able to make use of it. If you want to learn how to earn Titan Blood on your own, we have a guide for you right here. This tutorial will explain in detail how you can utilize Titan Blood and what benefits you can expect as a result of doing so.

Using Titan Blood To Upgrade Weapons – Hades

The most common application for Titan Blood is to improve the weaponry that Zagreus employs during his escape attempts. If you’ve already unlocked a weapon with Keys, you can improve the abilities of that weapon even more by using Titan Blood. Each of the six weapons has five levels to unlock, and each level requires Titan Blood, therefore it may take a long time to collect enough Titan Blood to complete the game. We’d like to remind you that we have a guide on obtaining extra Titan Blood in Hades available right here.

In the event that you have a weapon that you like over all others, it is recommended that you use the Titan Blood you find to upgrade that weapon, as you will require at least five Titan Blood per weapon and it is not an easy resource to come by in the game. Fortunately, you will retain possession of the Titan Blood you have earned even after death, and you will be able to use it when you return.

You’ll be able to unlock a final Hidden Aspect for any given weapon after using five Titan Blood on it and chatting with an NPC – the NPC will be different for each weapon aspect – after using five Titan Blood on it. Here is a list of the weapons and NPCs that are required to access their final aspects.

How to Use Titan Blood For Specific Purchases

Titan Blood is still sought after by other characters in the Underworld, despite the fact that its primary worth resides in its upgrading potential. If you’re ready to make some significant financial sacrifices, you can obtain some distinctive aesthetics and ornamental things that will help you personalize your Hades experience. The House Contractor and the Resource Director are the two NPCs who have the ability to use Titan Blood to do this.

He is a ghostly creature who can be found in the main hall of Hades, behind a desk, and wearing a hard hat. He is a construction worker who is a ghost. Its mission is to assist with the restoration and adornment of the Underworld, and Zagreus can assist by spending Gemstones, Diamonds, and even Titan Blood to accomplish this. Zagreus will get passive benefits that will aid him in his escape attempts, depending on the order in which they are picked. In exchange for a tenth of a drop of Titan Blood, you can summon the unique Stygian motif, which lends the renovation a dark and gothic tone overall.

The Resource Director is a unique NPC in that it only appears after you have completed the game and reached the credits. In Lord Hades’s bed quarters, there is a shade that can be spotted hovering in front of a table on the floor. It is possible to spend resources in order to acquire different rankings, which appear as decorative medals next to Zagreus’ health metre when you reach them. You can purchase badges in the Unseen ranking by paying one drop of Titan Blood and 3000-12000 Gemstones. These badges are identifiable by their dark gold tint, facial carvings, and purple jewels, among other characteristics.

Trading Titan Blood – Hades

One more thing you can do with Titan Blood is trade it to the Wretched Broker, which is a good way to make some money. The Broker’s wares, as well as what he is asking for, are always changing. Sometimes a deal will be quite helpful, allowing you to gain a head start on unlocking weapons or rooms, while other times the Broker will be asking for a valuable item that you should definitely hold onto.

There is no right or wrong answer, especially because it is impossible to predict what the Broker will have to offer at any given time during the game. However, you should check in on the Wretched Broker on a regular basis to see if it is worth trading your hard-earned Titan Blood for what he has to offer.

When you trade with the Broker, you are taking a significant level of risk on your investment. Titan Blood is a difficult resource to come by, thus it makes sense to be cautious about giving it away and determining whether or not the trade makes sense. Titan Blood can be utilized in Reverse Trades because the Broker has the ability to change one thing into another. Based on conversion rates, there’s always a potential that you’ll finish up with less money than you started with, so keep this in mind while planning your visits between them.