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How to Level Up in Elden Ring


Because the ability to spend Runes to level up your character is not available in the early Grave sites, unlike most other From Software games, it is not immediately evident how to do so in Elden Ring, in contrast to most other From Software games. If you wish to begin levelling up your character, you must first visit a specific Site of Grace and speak with Melina, who will be waiting for you when you arrive.

You may then begin utilizing your Runes to level up your character, and to assist you in getting started, we’ve discussed which, in our opinion, are the most important stats to level up first in Elden Ring in this guide.

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How to Level Up in Elden Ring

Prior to being able to begin levelling up in Elden Ring, you must first unlock the ability to level up by visiting a specific Grace, which will be visited by Melina, before you can begin levelling up for yourself.

It is possible to find a pair of these to your left and right of the Gatefront Ruins location, as well as the Gatefront Site of Grace, which is close to where you began your journey. In different scenario you read more about elden ring group password.

Apart from instructing you on how to level up, it also places you on the crucial route to Castle Stormveil – whenever you are ready to confront it, of course – and contains your first Map Fragment as well as the Whetstone Knife, both of which you will require later on.

By agreeing to Melina’s assistance during the cutscene (even if you accidentally decline her request, you will have the opportunity to accept it again), you will obtain access to future Grace sites, which will allow you to level up faster.

Additionally, this interaction will allow you to call Torrent, which will allow you to unlock Elden Ring’s horse, which will allow you to move much more quickly throughout the world when you complete it.

Returning to the Church of Elleh, where Renna the Witch should be waiting for you, is a rewarding endeavour after you have completed your duty successfully. Additionally, she can present you with the Spirit Calling Bell, which will enable you to summon spirit ashes to your aid during battle if you so desire.

The Best Stats to level first in Elden Ring

As soon as you have amassed enough Runes to level your character in Elden Ring, the question becomes where to put them to best use. Despite the fact that you can respect later, you’ll need to have a foothold in the game, thus determining where to assign stats first is something that should be done with care.

The greatest stats to level first are determined by your objectives – especially in the early game – therefore here are our tips on where to focus your time and resources:

  • The metrics Vigor and Endurance are your bread and butter in terms of levelling HP and stamina, and they are also the most important. When it comes to fight, both of them will be quite beneficial: more health points means a greater number of hits you can sustain before dying, and more stamina means a greater number of blocks and runs before being weary or defenseless.
  • Strength and Dexterity are both beneficial in melee builds. It is necessary to have both in order to use some weapons; for example, our top early-game weapon choice is the Twin blade, which has a Dexterity requirement of 18, which is out of reach for any beginning class. Another decent stat to level up if you’re stumped on what to do with your Runes is Strength, which, in essence, allows your melee weapons to deal greater damage when you’re in melee combat.
  • When it comes to spells and magic, intelligence is quite useful. Because acquiring a staff for sorcery is difficult to come by right away, this is not something you should be concerned about for the great majority of initial lessons. For the Astrologer class, on the other hand, levelling is crucial in order to get access to additional spells and increase the damage of the spells you already have. Faith and Arcane are frequently required for specific sorceries and incantations, much as they are for Dexterity.

Finally, remember that if you want to create a well-rounded character who can cast spells and hit hard with a sword, you can do so.