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How to Use a Beacon in Minecraft


In Minecraft, there is a sort of buildable block known as a beacon. This block, when put in close proximity to other players, confers a number of advantages onto those players. Because they are so difficult to construct, beacons are often not built until much later in the game. The use of these power-ups, on the other hand, has the potential to greatly improve both your power and your efficiency. In this guide, we will investigate the several applications of the beacon in Minecraft and the various ways in which you can use it.

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How to Use a Beacon in Minecraft

By using the right mouse button on the beacon, you will be able to open its menu. From this menu, you will be able to choose the status effects that you would like to get once your beacon has been activated.

Activating one of the following status effects on the beacon requires you to feed it one of the following items: Ingots of gold, iron, or netherite; diamonds; emeralds; or diamonds and emeralds. To do so:

1. Place the items in the cavity that is currently available.

How to Use a Beacon in Minecraft

2. Simply select the power you want to use by clicking on the icon that corresponds to it.

How to Use a Beacon in Minecraft

3. You confirm, make sure to click the box.

How to Use a Beacon in Minecraft

You can modify the activated status effect whenever you want; all that is required is to provide it with another item to consume in order to make the change take effect.

In order to receive all of the boosts, it is essential to set up a total of six different beacons. Constructing a multiple beacon pyramid with a base that is 10 by 11 squares, a second layer that is 8 by 9 squares, a third layer that is 6 by 7 squares, and a top layer that is 4 by 5 squares is an additional option available to you.

How to Use a Beacon in Minecraft

On top of this, beacons are arranged in the centre of the structure in the form of a grid with a 2 by 3 grid. This makes it possible for a single structure to give all six of the beacon effects while consuming the very minimal quantity of the necessary resources.

You are at liberty to customise the beacon in accordance with your individual tastes, and you are free to create it out of any combination of the available mineral blocks that is considered to be appropriate. You are even able to adjust the colour of the light that is emitted by the beacon. This objective can be accomplished by installing a stained glass block on top of the beacon.

How to Use a Beacon in Minecraft


What’s wrong with my Minecraft beacon that it’s not working?

Make sure that all of your basic levels (whether you create one or up to four, it doesn’t matter) are finished and that you are utilising the appropriate types of blocks. Verify that the activation of your beacon has been completed. If you’ve made sure everything is in order, but the beacon still isn’t functioning properly, you should check the sky above it. For the beacon to work properly, it needs a direct line of sight to the open sky. In the event that there are any impediments, you will need to either clear them away or shift the beacon and the base of it.

What is the maximum visible distance of a beacon’s beam in Minecraft?

If your line of sight is not impeded, you will be able to see the beam that a beacon emits from up to 256 blocks away in the Java Edition, and up to 64 blocks away in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.

What are the steps to constructing a rainbow beacon in Minecraft?

Once you have built and activated a beacon, the next step is to produce blue, green, red, and yellow stained glass blocks and stack them on top of your beacon. The following step is to construct adhesive pistons, which should then be arranged in a counter-clockwise circuit around the stack of stained glass working from the bottom up. Install repeaters on each of your pistons, ensuring that each one is calibrated for four ticks, and then activate the mechanism using a redstone flame.