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How to Use Copper in Minecraft


Iron is without a doubt the most beneficial of all the different types of metals that can be discovered in Minecraft. Copper, on the other hand, is a more uncommon metal that may be used in a range of applications; for this reason, you shouldn’t disregard its use.

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How to Use Copper in Minecraft

Copper can be utilized in essentially three different ways.

Construction and decoration

Copper ingots can be obtained through the smelting of one unit of raw copper or one unit of copper ore. A block of copper can be obtained by merging nine copper ingots. You can construct walls, roofs, and floors out of copper blocks by either placing them or stacking them.

How to Use Copper in Minecraft

You will be able to obtain four cut copper blocks if you arrange four blocks of copper on your crafting table in a square formation. These can be arranged in the same manner as standard copper blocks, except they feature score lines that go across the surface.

When you have blocks of chopped copper in your possession, you have a couple more alternatives available to you.

By filling the bottom row of your crafting table with blocks of cut copper, you will have the materials necessary to build six cut copper slabs. In addition, you will be able to build four sets of cut copper stairs if you arrange the blocks of cut copper on your crafting table in the shape of a staircase.

How to Use Copper in Minecraft

If you have a stonecutting table, you can use that instead to make cuts in slabs of copper, steps, or copper, and you can also use it to cut stones.

Lightning rod

Lightning storms in Minecraft can be quite dangerous, particularly if your home is located in a jungle or a woodland. You can fashion a lightning rod out of three copper ingots if you have them on hand. To build it, arrange the components on your crafting table so that they form a vertical line in a straight line.

How to Use Copper in Minecraft

After it has been installed, the lightning rod will collect and redirect lightning strikes that occur in the surrounding region so that they strike the rod rather than the trees. It is an excellent method for preventing forest fires as well as brush fires. Any lightning that strikes within a radius of 128 blocks in Java Edition, or within a radius of 64 blocks in Bedrock Edition, will be deflected by the lightning rod.

It is important to keep in mind that even if you position the lightning rod on a non-combustible surface such as grass or wood, lightning that strikes the rod can still start fires in a very close proximity to it.


You may get a closer look at items that are far away from you in Minecraft by making use of a special kind of telescope known as a spyglass. If you have the Optifine mod loaded, it will function very similarly to a built-in version of the Optifine Zoom feature in the game.

In order to create a spyglass, you will need to join together two copper ingots and one amethyst shard. On the crafting table, arrange them so that they form a vertical line, with the amethyst shard taking the position that is highest in the line.

After you have crafted your spyglass, store it in your hotbar until you are ready to use it, at which point you should utilise it to look far off into the distance. You have to keep your finger on the use button the whole time, whether it’s the right mouse button or the Left Trigger.

How to Use Copper in Minecraft


What can you do with copper in Minecraft?

Copper can be used in the building process, as well as in the creation of lightning rods and spyglasses, when playing Minecraft. Copper blocks, when left exposed to air over time, will oxidise and turn green; however, this process can be stopped by waxing the blocks. Raw copper ore can be discovered underground, and the best places to look for it are underneath beaches.

Is copper better than iron in Minecraft?

Copper armour is only two armour points weaker than iron armour, and it would have higher durability if it weren’t for the fact that copper armour corrodes with time. The more corroded it gets, the less protection it will offer, and the more quickly it will break.

What are uses for copper?

Uses. Copper is a popular choice for usage in a variety of modern electrical applications due to its excellent conductivity of electricity. Copper may be found in electrical generators and motors, as well as in electrical wiring and consumer electronics such as radios and televisions. Because of its excellent ability to transport heat, copper is frequently utilised in the production of radiators for automobiles, air conditioners, and heating and cooling systems for homes.

Can you stop copper from turning green Minecraft?

Wax. The use of wax will stop the player’s copper from oxidising over time and turning green. The honeycomb item needs to be used on each individual copper block before the player may apply wax to the block. Honeycombs aren’t particularly frequent, therefore this is going to be challenging for the player to accomplish with larger Survival constructions.