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How to Use Discord Code Blocks on iPhone


Most Discord users don’t have much coding experience, yet they nevertheless type and send messages. After all, communicating with others doesn’t require complex coding. However, there are certain benefits to mastering fundamental codes to make your communications stand out. Code blocks are symbols that alter the background to make your messages stand out. With Markdown, you can take it further and modify the format using straightforward coding. However, typically altering the background is enough for readers to pay attention. This post covers how to use code blocks in Discord on an iPhone. Consequently, let’s begin:

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How to Use Discord Code Blocks on iPhone

Code blocks are compatible with Discord on the iPhone. In this manner, you can send coded messages to other users without switching between devices. However, most keyboards don’t immediately display the backtick on mobile devices. It requires a few taps to locate the backtick on your symbols keyboard. Once you know where it is, code block typing on iPhones will become second nature.

The following outlines how to utilize code blocks in Discord for iPhone:

1. On your iPhone, launch the Discord app.

2. Select a typing-friendly server by tapping its icon.

3. Go to Any channel.

How to Use Discord Code Blocks on iPhone

4. To open your keyboard, tap the text area.

How to Use Discord Code Blocks on iPhone

5. Typically located on the left side of the keyboard, tap the symbols button.

How to Use Discord Code Blocks on iPhone

6. Locate and press the backtick key once.

How to Use Discord Code Blocks on iPhone

7. Message typed.

How to Use Discord Code Blocks on iPhone

8. Add one more backtick to finish.

How to Use Discord Code Blocks on iPhone

9. Your message will be sent to the channel.

How to Use Discord Code Blocks on iPhone

10. The code block will show up if everything is written correctly.

11. Repetition is required.


How do you send colored code blocks in Discord?

First, add three backquotes [“‘] to create colored text in Discord. Then, define the code phrase that corresponds to the color of the text. As an illustration, the colors “arm” for red, “yaml” for dark green, “json” for light green, and “css” for blue are added.

How do I choose a language in Discord code block?

If you really want to dress up your code blocks, you may choose a particular language for syntax highlighting by adding the name of the language exactly after the first three backticks in your code block.

How do I make my text blue on Discord?

The process for adding green color to your chat message is very similar to adding red color; all you have to do is swap out the underscore with the plus (+) symbol. You must place “ini” (ini syntax) after the code block characters ”’ and enclose your text in brackets [to write blue text].

How do I get RGB text in Discord?

Once there, you must repeatedly tap the backtick symbol, like in the following example: “”‘”. You must type that without the quote marks before pressing “Shift+Enter” to advance to the message’s second line. To alter the color of the text from here, type one of numerous coding commands.

How do I get a purple Discord profile?

Your Discord online status indicator will now become purple once you begin streaming on Twitch to let everyone know that you are doing so. When someone visits your profile and is linked to you on the platform, they may easily watch your stream by selecting “LIVE ON TWITCH” from the drop-down menu.