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How to Get All Badges in Stray


Stray, in contrast to the vast majority of today’s video games, does not provide players with a great deal of room for personalization. That isn’t to suggest, though, that the appearance of the game’s lovely little playable kitty can’t be changed in any way at all. Players are able to obtain special badges that add a little more flair to the cat’s adorable jacket. Unfortunately, though, one or two of them can be a little tough to find, which means that players who want to find every badge in Stray in order to unlock the “Badges” award may need some assistance in doing so.

There is a total of six of these badges available, and each player will receive one of them as a reward for completing the main storyline. The remaining five may be found in the central sections of the game: one can be found in the slums, one can be found in Antvillage, and three can be found in Midtown. In Stray, players who are determined to personalize their cat have the option of acquiring a stylish rainbow jacket for themselves; however, in order to do so, they will need to uncover all 27 of B-12’s memories. So let’s get started:

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How to Get All Badges in Stray

Music Badge (The Slums)

After players have collected all eight pieces of sheet music hidden throughout Stray, Morusque will award them with the Music Badge. These can be acquired from a variety of spots scattered over the slums, and they are accessible during any chapter that takes place in the area. In order for players to get the Music Badge, they will need to hand Morusque each individual piece of sheet music and then wait for him to play them on his guitar.

How to Get All Badges in Stray

  1. After entering Momo’s apartment through a hole in the bars that are on one of the doors, Sheet Music 1 may be found written on various crates within the flat.
  2. Sheet Music 2 is located on a patio table that is to the right of the window that goes into Clementine’s apartment. This table is located on a balcony.
  3. On the ground floor of the Elliot programming building can be found Sheet Music 3 affixed to a big picture of a robot. On their initial visit, players will be required to scratch the door in order to gain entrance.
  4. At the marketplace, Sheet Music 4 can be exchanged with Azooz for an Energy Drink Can in exchange for the latter.
  5. Upstairs in Dufer Bar, one of the tables features a copy of Sheet Music 5, which can be found there.
  6. Sheet Music No. 6 can be found in Clementine’s apartment on a shelf that is located to the right of the bed.
  7. In Doc’s apartment, Sheet Music No. 7 may be found on the music stand that is attached to the piano. The players will need to decipher the message that is on the bed in order to obtain the key, and after that, they will need to knock over a stack of books that is nearby in order to locate the safe.
  8. The eighth piece of sheet music can be found in a locked safe buried in a pile of junk not far from where Morusque hangs out. 1283 is the combination needed to open the safe in the slums.

Outsider Badge (The Slums)

How to Get All Badges in Stray

After completing Chapter 6 of Stray and locating the hidden lab as well as fixing the broken tracker, players will be able to acquire the Outsider Badge as part of the game’s primary narrative. After they have accomplished this, Seamus will give his father the badge so that he will know that he can put his trust in the players when they eventually find him in Chapter 7.

Plant Badge (Antvillage)

How to Get All Badges in Stray

In exchange for three plants of different colours, Malo awards players with the Plant Badge. The players will need to investigate Antvillage quite extensively in order to find the yellow, red, and purple plants in Stray, despite the fact that doing so is a relatively simple process. The yellow plant can be found just beyond the location where the players encounter Malo, the red plant can be found down at ground level, and the purple plant can be found growing on a tree not too far from the location where Zbaltazar is meditating.