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How to Use Portrait Mode on Facetime in iOS 15


The new Portrait mode that was included with iOS 15 is quite similar to the portrait effect that you can get with the Camera app on your device. This effect creates the impression of a short depth of field. When the other person on the call focuses their attention on your face, it is much simpler for you to pay less attention to what is occurring behind you. This article will explain how to use FaceTime’s Portrait mode if you’re using iOS 15 or later; the feature became available in later versions of the operating system.

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How to Use Portrait Mode on Facetime in iOS 15

Make sure that the iOS version on your iPhone or iPad is 15 before attempting to activate the Portrait mode. The method through which you initiate a call with FaceTime has not been updated.

1. Pull out the business card of the person you wish to call and open it.

2. Start a FaceTime call. You also have the option of opening the FaceTime app on your device and starting the video call from there.

How to Use Portrait Mode on Facetime in iOS 15

3. Tap the thumbnail of your video that is located in the lower right-hand corner of the screen as soon as the connection is connected.

How to Use Portrait Mode on Facetime in iOS 15

4. The thumbnail for the movie will enlarge to fill the entire screen and then give a few different options.

5. Tap the icon that looks like a portrait in the top left corner of the screen.

How to Use Portrait Mode on Facetime in iOS 15

6. The background will become less distinct and more blurry. Repeatedly tapping on the Portrait mode icon will disable the blurred backdrop effect.


Why doesn’t my iPhone have Portrait mode on FaceTime?

At this time, the Portrait Mode function in FaceTime is only accessible on iPhones and iPads that contain a chip that is at least equivalent to the A12 Bionic or greater.

Where do I find FaceTime in settings?

Choose Settings from the main screen of your iPhone, then scroll down until you see the FaceTime app and press it. Check to see that the on position is selected on the switch. Turn on the switch labelled “FaceTime Live Photos” if you wish to be able to capture live photos while conversing with someone via FaceTime.

And it works well, with the exception of one major catch: Apple restricts users of FaceTime to use the landscape orientation on their devices.

What setting blurs the background?

Wide Aperture Lens

One of the settings on the lens that contributes to the blurred effect of the background is called the aperture. But different lenses have different aperture settings available. It is recommended that you choose a lens that has an aperture of at least f/2.8 available in order to achieve the desired effect of a blurred background. The depth of field will be much more blurry with lower f-numbers.

Why is my FaceTime video sideways?

Navigate to Settings > General, and then select the option to Lock Rotation using the side switch. To prevent the screen from rotating in either direction, activate the Rotation Lock feature. If the screen of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch keeps turning in a haphazard manner, you may remedy the problem by toggling the Rotation Lock switch on and off.