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How to Use Storm Stomp in Elden Ring


The Ashes of War concept adds a new layer of magic to the standard Dark Souls formula that is used by FromSoftware. It does this by providing players with additional powers that improve weapons after those abilities have been applied. One that you’ll run into very early on in your journey across The Lands Between will whip up a brief storm that deals damage to foes that are caught within its range. In case you were wondering, this is how to use the Storm Stomp ability in Elden Ring. So let’s get started:

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How to Use Storm Stomp in Elden Ring

Once you have obtained the Storm Stomp Ashes of War, using it is as simple as following these steps:

1. Pay a visit to a Site of Grace and modify one of your weapons with the Storm Stomp Ashes of War enchantment. To use Storm Stomp, you must first select a weapon from the drop-down menu, then cycle through the menu options until you reach the “Ashes of War” option.

How to Use Storm Stomp in Elden Ring

2. To activate the ability, press L2 or LB after you have equipped the weapon to which you have tied the Storm Stomp ability. After then, you will witness your character stamp their foot on the ground, which will be followed by the appearance of a brief cloud of air. All of the nearby foes take damage from the assault.

How to Use Storm Stomp in Elden Ring

3. Take note that in order to perform Storm Stomp, your weapon must be in the two-handed mode if it has the option to switch between one-handed and two-handed use. To activate this mode on the console, simply press and hold the Triangle / Y button.

The information that has been provided up to this point ought to be sufficient to act as a guide for your use of the Storm Stomp ability while you are inside Elden Ring.


How do you equip ash of war storm blade?

It can be found at the Gatefront Ruins, at the bottom of a staircase that has a chest at the bottom of it. Ashes of War is an item that can be equipped when you are resting at a Site of Grace if you have already obtained the Whetstone Knife. Choose Ashes of War from the list of options located on the left, and after that, choose the weapon whose settings you wish to modify.

What button do you press to use Ash of War?

In order to utilise an Ash of War in Elden Ring, depending on the technique, you will need to press and hold the L2 button on the PlayStation or the LT button on the Xbox. On a PC, right-click the mouse while holding down the Shift key. In order to cast Ashes of War, you will need to utilise Focus Points (FP), so make sure to manage that blue bar effectively.

How do I use my Ash of War skill?

Putting Ashes of War Weapon Skills Into Your Arsenal

After you have retrieved an Ash of War and the Whetstone Knife from the Gatefront Ruins, you can use the menu that appears when you are relaxing at a Site of Grace to examine all of your close-quarters combat weapons, long-range weapons, and shields.

How do you use special moves with weapon Elden Ring?

Players who are using the controller can engage their Weapon Skill by hitting the left trigger or the L2 button. However, players who are using the keyboard must simultaneously press the Shift key and click the Right Mouse Button in order to activate their Weapon Skill.

Why can’t I equip my Ash of War?

You can only equip Ashes of War to a single weapon at a time; if you want to use it on another weapon, you will need to first remove it from the first weapon. If the weapon you are using also comes with a weapon art, the Ash of War that you equip will replace whatever skill was previously assigned to the weapon. The conclusion is as follows: The Ashes of War can be equipped in this manner in Elden Ring.

Why can’t i summon Ashes?

If there are an excessive number of foes in a location, there is a possibility that there is a rebirth monument nearby. When you are getting close to a rebirth monument, an icon representing the monument should begin to appear on the left side of your screen. It is possible that the absence of a rebirth monument in the area is the reason you are unable to call upon your Spirit Ashes.