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How to Use XL Candy in Pokemon Go


Those who wish to level their Pokemon beyond what is currently allowed in Pokemon GO will require a large quantity of XL Candy. The XL Candy, despite its name, performs its functions somewhat differently than the Exp does. Candy XL is available in the core series of the Pokemon games. Although both grant experience, one is utilized for getting over a level cap for particular Pokemon, while the other can be used to give a large amount of experience to any Pokemon species.

In Pokemon GO, rather than the generic blue Rare Candies present in the main series, there are candy that are specific to each individual Pokemon. Because Pokemon GO does not have a conventional fight system, the only way for users to evolve or mega-evolution their Pokemon is by feeding them Candy and Stardust. On the other hand, in contrast to the level cap of 100 in Pokemon, the level cap in Pokemon GO is 40. Trainers will need to begin cultivating XL Candy if they want to get to level 41 and attain their goal.

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How to Use XL Candy in Pokemon Go

How to Use XL Candy in Pokemon Go

Originally, after a Pokemon reached Level 40, their level would remain static thereafter. This was fixed in December 2020, when the level maximum was increased to 50 instead of the previous level of 30, instead. They must give their Pokemon an XL Candy in order to accomplish their goal. One of the key distinctions between XL Candy and ordinary Candy is the requirement of a Trainer Level of 31 in order to acquire the former.

There are two distinct varieties of XL Candy, namely:

  • XL Candy: These candies are exclusive to a certain species of Pokemon and may only be consumed by that species’ Pokemon. For instance, in order to Power Up, Amaura and all of its evolutions require Amaura Candy. But there is one kind of candy that they are allowed to consume that none of the others are.
  • XL Rare Candy: These XL Candies come in a rainbow of colours, and the Pokemon that consumes them will cause them to transform into a different variety of candy. For instance, if you give Aurorus a Rare Candy XL, it will evolve into an Amaura Candy XL, and you can only use these sweets on Pokemon who are at least level 40.

How to Use XL Candy in Pokemon Go

Putting in an order for XL Candy is exactly the same as placing an order for ordinary Candy. To get started, select the option to Power Up. Players will require Stardust, regular candy (of that Pokemon’s species), and 296 pieces of XL Candy for each Pokemon that is not a Shadow Pokemon if they want to use XL Candy to reach level 50 as quickly as possible. In order to level up a Pokemon from level 40 to level 50, all that is required is stardust and 296 extra-large candies.


What level should I use XL candy?

31st level of the Trainers
Keep in mind that in order to start receiving XL Candy, you will first need to reach Trainer Level 31.

Which Pokémon Buddy is 1km?

1 km: Caterpie, Pikachu, Magikarp, Aron, Wailmer, Bidoof, Purrloin, Sewaddle, Fletchling, and Skwovet.

What is XL Rare Candy?

In the smartphone game Pokémon GO, the Rare Candy XL was first made available to players. After the player has reached level 40, they will be able to obtain it. Generation VI saw the debut of this sweet confectionary item for the first time. The ordinary Species Specific Candies XL have been upgraded to a more advanced form known as Rare Candy XL.

Can you trick Pokémon Go walking?

If you have an Android handset, you may easily modify the location of your device by downloading an application that spoofs its GPS signal and using it. This will make Pokemon Go think that you are walking while in fact you are just fooling it. However, iPhone users will require a jailbroken handset in order to access the feature.