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How to Clear Data in Pokémon Go


If you want to log out of Pokémon Go quickly and easily, one of the quickest and easiest ways to do so is to clear your data. It is possible that the process of cleaning data on an Android phone is different from the process of doing so on an iPhone; nonetheless, the process is not unduly complicated. This section will walk you through the steps necessary to remove data in Pokémon Go.

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How to Clear Data in Pokémon Go

1. Be sure to keep your finger on the button at all times if you want to keep playing Pokémon Go. (On some phones, your application needs to be on the home page in order to work properly.)

How to Clear Data in Pokémon Go

2. The programme will provide you with a diverse range of options from which you can make your selection. After selecting the button that is labelled “App Info,” you will now have access to a new menu that provides you with two different alternatives. This menu gives you the choice between: Find a setting or option that says “Clear data,” then select that one.

How to Clear Data in Pokémon Go

3. Click Clear all data.

How to Clear Data in Pokémon Go

You will be able to start using the website as if it were brand new if you delete all of your data from the site and then start using it. You will also have the possibility to create a new account as a result of this, and you will then be able to begin utilising the website from the very beginning.


Can I delete my Pokemon Go account and start over?

The deletion of the data and account indefinitely and permanently is a process that cannot be undone. You will not be able to establish a new account on Pokemon Go by using an e-mail address that you have used in the past. If you want to play the game again in the future, you will need to establish a new account and log in using a different email address.

What happens if you delete Pokemon data?

This indicates that none of the data is saved on the device you are using but rather in the “cloud.” Because of this, you can safely erase the data, remove the app, or do whatever else you need to do (reset your phone to factory settings), and you will still be able to come back into the game and pick up just where you left off with your current game status.

Can I have 2 Pokémon GO accounts on 1 phone?

When playing Pokémon GO, you can use as many different devices as you choose. The use of several devices at the same time is still considered to be a grey area; however, the use of multiple Pokémon GO accounts on the same device is categorically not permitted, and doing so may result in your accounts being banned.

You have the option of requesting that your gaming account be deleted in order to totally and irreversibly clear all of its associated game data. Either using the app itself or by submitting an online form, users can start the deletion request process.

What is soft ban in Pokémon GO?

During the course of a soft ban, which lasts for a period of twelve hours, any Pokémon you come across in the wild will immediately run away from you if you attempt to catch them. PokeStops are not a source of loot for you either. Your games activities and the explorations you had planned for the day are both hampered as a result of this development.