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How to Walk in Pokémon Go on Your iPhone!


If you’re a Pokémon fan, you know that walking around the game is an important part of your strategy. And if you want to make the most of your time in Pokémon Go, there are a few things you need to do. First, create a walkable route for yourself! This will help you get started and make sure you’re walking as close to PokéStops as possible. Second, improve your accuracy by using gyms and houses as landmarks. This will give you more reliable intel on where to find Pokémons. Finally, be sure to pay close attention to the weather conditions! If it’s cold or raining, stay away from Pokéstops!

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Pokemon Go is a well-known location-based game. Many individuals are obsessed to capturing their Pokemon in real time and are playing everywhere. The software utilises GPS to track down characters from the Pokemon universe. However, the game is not as entertaining as we believe. It has already resulted in car accidents, access to forbidden areas, and other dangerous scenarios as a result of individuals searching for the Pokemon. Some individuals enjoy the game but are concerned about security, so they prefer to play it at home, from the comfort of their sofa. The major question is whether or not this is feasible. To do so, you only need to misrepresent the GPS location in Pokemon Go.

Faking your location in Pokemon Go is feasible, but it must be done cautiously since if your account is discovered, it will be terminated and you will be unable to play. If users are detected cheating on the location or cheating on Pokemon Go, Niantic, the game’s creator, will permanently ban them. However, as long as you’re cautious, Niantic won’t suspect your Pokemon Go walking hack. Depending on the device you’re using, you can do the hack using one of the following techniques.

If you are an iPhone user:

The first Pokemon Go fake walking app we recommend is to use Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS)

Here are the steps:

1. Download Dr.Fone on your PC. This software supports both Windows PC and Mac so you don’t have to worry about your PC not running Dr.Fone.

2. Install and launch.

3. You will see an interface like below:

4.Choose ‘Virtual Location’ from the drop-down menu.

5.Connect your iPhone to your computer through USB. Then press the ‘Get Started’ button. Then you’ll be brought to a virtual map with your current GPS location displayed. The virtual map also serves as a command centre from which you may teleport your current GPS location to any point on the globe. To enter teleportation mode, click the third symbol in the right corner of the screen. Then, in the search bar at the top left of the screen, input your fictitious address.

6.To move your iOS GPS position, a pop-up window will display, and you must select ‘Move Here.’ Your GPS position will change to the location you are going to after you click on it (in this case Rome, Italy).

7.What if you wanted to spoof GPS movements? Easy! Simply choose the first icon in the screen’s upper right corner. Repeat the steps above, but this time you’ll be able to select the manner of travel from one location to the next. Walking, riding, and driving are the three options available. Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) also has a Joystick function that makes moving around with your fake GPS easier. To capture Pokemon, you can more easily control your character. This is one of the reasons why we exist.

Tenorshare iAnyGo Is A Good Option

Tenorshare iAnyGo, a well-known GPS spoofing programme, is a good option. Without jail breaking, you may easily modify your GPS location and mimic GPS movement at your own pace. Furthermore, the GPS joystick allows you to control the movement direction in a flexible manner. Without having to jailbreak your iPhone, iAnyGo provides a secure and effective way to alter its location.

You Can Also Use PokemonGoAnywhere

You may use this software to navigate your avatar around the Pokemon Go game world. You may even modify the pace of the character. You may now begin collecting Pokemon Go by following the steps below. Add “” to your “Sources” in Cydia. Update your app and search for PokemonGOAnywhere, then install it. When you open Pokemon Go, you’ll see various buttons on the screen. To modify the speed, click “Speed.” It comes in three sizes: 1x, 2x, and 4x. Allow “Tap To Walk” to be enabled, then relax and click anywhere on the screen to have the character walk. You may have the character walk automatically by clicking “Patrol.”

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