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How to Watch Big Ten Network on Roku


The Big Ten Network is consistently ranked as one of the most watched channels dedicated to sports. It broadcasts both live and recorded sporting events of a variety of sports, such as football, wrestling, basketball, and other games. BTN is compatible with the vast majority of streaming devices. However, those who receive their television programming through cable or satellite cannot access it. Let’s take a look at the Big Ten Network streaming options available on Roku.

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How to Watch Big Ten Network on Roku

The Big Ten Network+ programme must be downloaded, installed, and activated on your Roku device before you will be granted access to the Big Ten Network material that is made accessible on Roku. You need to carry out the steps in this specific order.

Step 1: On your Roku TV, the first thing you need to do is find your way to the homepage and click there.

Step 2: After picking Streaming Channels from the drop-down menu, use the search field to browse for BTN.

How to Watch Big Ten Network on Roku

Step 3: Select the BTN plus app from the list of apps that are available to you.

Step 4: You will now install the application by selecting the Add Channel option in the fourth phase of the process.

How to Watch Big Ten Network on Roku