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Important Items to Keep in Your Car


Driving can be unpredictable and it is important that you have everything that you need in the car, especially when setting off on a long journey or travelling somewhere new. There are a few items that every motorist should have in the car at all times that will allow them to manage various different scenarios that they might encounter. Keep reading to find out more.

Spare Tyre & Tools

One of the most common problems that motorists encounter is a flat tyre, which is why it is so important to have a spare tyre in the boot as well as tools that will allow you to change a tyre on the side of the road. These include car jacks, a torque wrench, wheel wedges and a tire gauge to read the pressure. There is a lot of helpful information for how you can do this online, which will allow you to get back on the road before long (as well as provide a great sense of personal satisfaction).


It is also important to have the necessary documentation in the glove box at all times. This should include the owner’s manual, which will provide you with helpful information if you are having any problems with the car. You also need your driver’s license and insurance information, which will come in handy if you are pulled over, breakdown or have an accident.

Breakdown Items

Following this, if you do break down then it is important that you have items that will allow you to stay safe and possible get back on the road. This should include a reflective triangle and clothing so that you remain visible to other road users, jump leads (and know how to use them) and a torch so that you can see in the dark.

Emergency Kit

There are also items that you should have in the car at all times in case you are stranded on the side of the road and/or have an accident. This will include a first-aid kit (and knowing how to use it), spare clothing, a blanket, food and drink and a mobile phone charger. If you are driving during the colder months of the year, you should have a de-icer, a shovel and winter clothing.

These are the main items that you will need to keep in your car at all times. You never know what might happen when you are behind the wheel, especially on a long trip or driving somewhere new. These items will mean that you are prepared for whatever happens and minimise disruption if you are ever involved in an accident or break down on the side of the road as well as provide important peace of mind knowing that you have everything that you need.