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Is It Worthwhile to Apply for CCIE Certification?


Is it worthwhile to apply for CCIE certification? If you ask this question, you may be concerned with another two questions: 1) Can I get a higher salary after obtaining CCIE certificate? 2) Will CCIE certificate holders have a promising future in the network industry?

As for Question 1, your salary will certainly increase, but higher salary may still not be sufficient in metropolises.

A: At present, CCIE experts with 5-10 years of working experience can earn about 50,000-66,666 US dollars a year. But a whole year’s salary cannot afford a few square meters of apartment in Beijing.

B: Which is more important in a competitive industry such as network infrastructure, the CCIE certificate or working experience? A piece of paper or the ability to solve problems? Does the boss pay you according to the professional title, administrative level or work contribution?

C: The degree of scarcity of a commodity must be linked to its current price (note that I’m talking about price rather than value). In China, the construction of network technology facilities has become saturated, and more people have obtained the CCIE certificate. Of course, the ratio of real price to real value represented by this paper will fall.

D: CCIE certificate is still a benchmark qualification certificate for the network engineer. The reason for the cooling down of CCIE certification in China is that the Chinese people’s examination ability is too strong, and there are a large number of institutions that help you cheat in the exam. All kinds of training institutions, and different ways of leaking of exam questions also lead to the surge of China’s so-called PaperIE. A student who even has not graduated from a university can get CCIE certificate by paying some money to a training institution taking part in CCIE certification training. But when they face the enterprise interviewer, they are not able to answer any very easy technical question. This is one of the reasons why Chinese enterprises (including foreign enterprises in China) are paying less attention to CCIE certificate (and one of the reasons why the so-called CCIE certificate keeps depreciating).

As for Question 2, network infrastructure is a must for the Internet. If you have the ability of CCIE level, you will no doubt have your position in this industry.

A: With the CCIE certificate, you can engage in basic network construction (service provider), value-added service (BAT), or even find a state-owned enterprise to do network management. You are proved to possess skills of CCIE experts which brings bright prospects in China.

B: Any professional knowledge and skills have a so-called shelf life. Think about the status of people who had driver’s licenses and were able to drive cars during the Cultural Revolution. And now, the CCIE certificate or the network technology skills and knowledge it represents, in my opinion, will not be outdated for at least 20 years. And the spirit and learning ability of those who are determined and able to pass the CCIE certification exam will not make them out after 20 years.

C: In the world, the rapid development of China is rare to see. The saturation of the network infrastructure industry in China does not mean that it is saturated in the world. At the same time, as long as the Internet exists, even if Cisco will decline and be replaced by Huawei, the CCIE certificate can at least partially represent your problem-solving ability. Your ability and value will still be recognized.

In recent years, I have traveled to many countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Central America and South America. Every time I took out my business card which indicates that I am CCIE certified personnel, as long as the other party was in the IT industry, they treated me with great respect (a brother of an African country really worshiped it and directly took me to see the Minister of telecommunications). In the Belt and Road initiative, network technology experts will certainly find their place in the export of China’s influence in the process of its rise.

I won’t to repeat the knowledge and skills learned in CCIE certification course which other friends have talked about. I just want to answer from the essence you care about when you ask this question. The money that you pay for CCIE certification is cost-effective! cisco test dumps