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Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Increase Loyalty


The degree to which the player gets along with the locals in a particular area is measured by their loyalty. This will affect how much is produced by the diamond mines that are close by, and it might also have an impact on how specific plotlines in the settlements will be resolved. As you get closer to learning the truth about the president’s disappearance, you’ll also need to free The Legion from various locations. You can earn loyalty from those regions along the way, but there is a way to increase it. You can learn how to boost loyalty in Jagged Alliance 3 by reading this article:

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Increase Loyalty of Diamond Mine Area

Cash flow can always be maintained by raising the settlement’s loyalty in an area with a diamond mine. You must retake these mines and ensure the town’s safety after the Legion took control of them following the president’s disappearance. You’ll need a lot of militias to defend you in order to accomplish that.

Remember to use some Militias to secure the mine once you have the hold; the Legion won’t give up. It’s important to remember that mines can run dry and cease producing diamonds. All you can do in this situation is search for another mine and repeat the same steps. When you’ve used up all of this resource, sell it and pocket the money.

Selling Relics

By selling the relics they discover along the route, players can also make a healthy profit. Typically, this priceless item can be discovered in the tombs found within the mines. They don’t yield a lot of profit, but they can still be a good source of money.

Jagged Alliance 3 - How to Increase Loyalty

Winning Battles

Players must first free any given settlement from Legion control in order to begin earning loyalty from it. To achieve this, just eliminate every occupying force within a designated area. This will automatically calculate a base loyalty number, which will subsequently vary based on what the players do. A settlement’s loyalty will also rise if more Legion soldier formations are defeated in the nearby Zones. Settlements are vulnerable to attack as well as liberation.

Jagged Alliance 3 - How to Increase Loyalty

In order to protect them, players must make sure that either their mercenaries are there or that a formidable Militia has been trained. When a settlement is attacked, players will be alerted through the Satellite View, and by defending the settlement, they can increase the target settlement’s loyalty. Greater income from any adjacent diamond mines will result from increased loyalty, and this effect is cumulative across several settlements surrounding a single diamond mine.


How to save refugee camp jagged alliance 3?

The only way to delay the situation at the refugee camp is to respond to Biff’s distress call and stop the attacking Légion squad before it enters his sector. Leaving Biff up north, you should be safe for a few months as the Légion won’t be sending extra squads.

How do you make money fast in Jagged Alliance 3?

For a consistent flow of revenue, give priority to seizing strategic mines in strategic locations. Completing side quests related to loyalty and capturing neighboring towns will also boost mine productivity. After that, keep these priceless assets under your control to guarantee a consistent flow of cash.

Can you sell weapons in Jagged Alliance 3?

You can only sell Parts and Valuables in Jagged Alliance 3. As a result, in order to sell your weapons and earn some quick cash, you’ll need to scrap them for parts. Luckily, you can accomplish this without searching for any particular place or NPC.

Where can I sell items in Jagged Alliance 3?

Players must first liberate a zone that contains a large settlement before they can sell items. The Fleatown Market is the first and most accessible. After every enemy has been vanquished, players are free to explore, trade, and interact with the locals in this friendly zone.

How do you repair crest weapons?

Just choose the Blacksmith’s Repair option to bring back the durability of one of your weapons. Keep in mind that when forging or repairing weapons at the blacksmith, Smithing Stones might be needed in addition to Gold.