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Just an FYI, PS5 VRR Doesn’t Work on PS4 Games


You can put your pitchforks down now because Sony has made it abundantly clear that the PlayStation 5’s new VRR function will only work with next-generation games, and now we have real-world evidence to support that assertion. Previously, Sony has made it very clear that the PlayStation 5’s new VRR capability will only be compatible with next-generation titles; nevertheless, real-world data now supports that assertion. Since it became available this week, people have been putting the new feature through its paces, and just to be clear, it does not function with PlayStation 4 games at all.

In a blog post on the matter, the platform’s owner noted that VRR “improves visual performance for PS5 games” and that “gameplay in many PS5 titles feels smoother.” Virtual reality material will only be compatible with new-generation content, as evidenced by the terminology used in the console’s system configurations. In contrast, the Xbox Series X|S includes FreeSync in addition to VRR for certain older titles, whereas the Xbox One S does not.

So that’s the present state of affairs with VRR on the PlayStation 5, and we thought it was important to provide an explanation for individuals who may have been perplexed by the situation. Keep in mind that if you enable the Apply to Unsupported Games option in the system settings, the feature will work with any PS5 game. –