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How to Remove Red Square Debuff in Elden Ring


Hugging Fia, also known as the Deathbed Companion, who can be found at Roundtable Hold, will cause players to suffer from the Red Square Debuff. When players first interact with Fia, she will extend her arms to give them a hug. However, the players’ health takes a minor hit if they get on their knees to receive a hug. When this happens, the player’s health will decrease by 5%, and a small red square will appear on their heads-up display (HUD) to let them know that something is wrong. The players are beginning to discover the secrets that are hidden within the Elden Ring as well as the fact that everything does have some kind of drawback. One example of Elden Ring convincing players to consent to things that they don’t completely understand is the Red Square Debuff, which has become widely known over the course of the game. The debuff caused by the red square in the elden ring can be removed by following the instructions in this article. So let’s get started:

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How to Remove Red Square Debuff in Elden Ring

The supposedly comforting embrace, like so many other things in the realm of Elden Ring, has a trap of its own to trip you up. A bedroom at Elden Ring’s Roundtable Hold contains a deathbed companion named Fia. You can find her there. Whenever the player’s character encounters her, she will inquire as to whether or not they will “let her to hold them briefly.” In the event that the player’s request is granted, they will receive the Baldachin’s Blessing as a prize; however, is it really worth it?

Allow Fia To Embrace You

When it comes to deciding whether or not to let Fia embrace the player’s character, the most difficult part is weighing the potential dangers against the potential benefits of doing so. On the one hand, the Baldachin’s Blessing is quite valuable because it provides a brief increase to the poise stats of the character. The 5% reduction in health stats, on the other hand, could create some difficulties for players who have not yet completed a significant amount of adventuring or who have not yet travelled a significant distance.

How to Remove Red Square Debuff in Elden Ring

Having an increased buff in the character’s poise, thanks to the blessing, will mean that they are able to endure multiple hard strikes without having their guard broken. This is very helpful when dealing with powerful foes and bosses. In addition, utilizing the Baldachin’s Blessing after using it will reverse the negative effect it had on your health. So, the timing of when you use the blessing will make a significant effect, particularly when you are applying it over short distances or while travelling to battle a boss. So, using Fia’s embrace in Elden Ring is a double-edged blade that requires the player to have good timing in order to avoid negative consequences.

Baldachin’s Blessing Stats

How to Remove Red Square Debuff in Elden Ring

  • How to Obtain: After being embraced by Fia, you will receive this gift from her.
  • Item Type:  Consumable
  • Effect: After making the decision to accept Fia, uses FP to temporarily increase the character’s Poise and reverses the red square debuff that reduced their health by 5%.
  • FP Cost: 20
  • Storage:  1 at a time

How to Remove Red Square Debuff in Elden Ring

There is no limit on the number of times one can acquire a Blessing from Fia, despite the fact that she will only give the player character one Blessing at a time as a gift. In addition, if you choose to embrace her a second time, a hidden discussion and a quest connected to the character D and the Deeproot Depths will be unlocked for you to complete.


What does the red Square debuff mean in Elden Ring?

The red square that appears after you give Fia the Hug Woman a hug is a marker for a debuff. This particular debuff lowers your maximum HP by 5%; however, the actual numerical loss can vary depending on how much health you began with.

How do you get rid of a negative debuff Elden Ring?

During the time that Fia is holding you in her arms, she will hand you an item known as Baldachin’s Blessing. This is the item that will allow you to undo the damage reduction that Fia put on your health. If you use the item, you will see that an aura is bestowed upon your character. In about a quarter of a minute, you will become aware that your health has returned to normal.

Can you get rid of FIA debuff Elden Ring?

Eliminating the Debuff on Fia

Getting rid of the debuff that reduces your Total Health by 5% is actually very easy to do, but it is easy to overlook. You need to make use of the Baldachin’s Blessing that Fia has bestowed upon you in order to improve your poise, and as soon as the benefits of the blessing are no longer active, the health debuff will be removed from you.

What is the small red square in Elden Ring?

The Elden Ring’s Red Square Debuff, commonly known as the HP Debuff or the Fia Hug Debuff, is a Status Effect that lowers the target’s maximum health by 5%. This debuff goes by a few different names. After players have progressed to a certain degree in their exploration of the Lands Between, they may have noticed a small red square at the top-left corner of their screen.

Should you let fia hold you?

You have the option of allowing her to hold you or declining her offer, but the majority of people, at least initially, will feel persuaded to let this nice woman to hold our weary warrior for a minute of respite since she is offering it. If you do, or already have, this, then you will also come to the conclusion that allowing Fia to hold you grants you a unique item known as a Baldachin’s Blessing.