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Last Year: The Nightmare – Guide For Tips And Tricks As The Survivors And Killers


Elastic Games has delivered Last Year: The Nightmare, asymmetrical horror multiplayer game for PC on December 18.

In this game, there will be five players take the role as survivors against one killer. The player which act as the killer will be able to switch between different killer characters. The survivors have to complete amount of missions in order to open the escape maps. On the other side, the killer obviously has to prevent them from escaping.

Last Year: The Nightmare is not providing any tutorial for the players, instead, the game just gives a handful of maps and a single mode. However, if you are interested to play this game, then no need to worry, here you can read the guide for tips and tricks as the survivors and killers as well.


Communicate with other players is the main important point in order to survive in this nightmare game. The game currently just provides discord communication which confusing and difficult to use to communicate with each other, but here’s the trick for you:

Push To Talk – to use this feature you just need to join into the game, then press shift and ~ key. This will bring the discord overlay on your screen, now on the top right corner of your screen, you will find a small cog icon just above your discord name, click on it and it will bring the voice settings. There you can enable the Push to Talk option.

Guide For Survivors

  • Move As a Group, this is the most effective and efficient strategy to win against the killers. The proper teamwork will lead you to vanish the killers, so you should always stay close to each other in any missions.
  • Assaulter class should always stay at the front. Why? To damage the killers, the assault members should get their wielding pipes quickly, that’s why they should always stay at the front.
  • Ranged Attacks should support the melee assaulter, once your assaulter goes against the killer, you all should immediately help by flashing the killer, electrifying, and setting up turrets.
  • Medic, should always look for ways and opening to cure the team members. The best time for you to cure other members is when you just killed a killer or the killer is completely shocked.
  • Beware of These locations – the killer can suddenly kill you if he successfully lands a surprise attack.
    • Strangler – whenever you are against him always stay away from vents as he can pull you in and suddenly kill you.
    • Slasher – whenever you are against him always make sure to avoid skylights and high spots present in the ceiling, he can use this location to instakill.
    • Giant – whenever you are against him do not stick to the wall, as he can just bang it like hulk and it will be instant death for you.

Guide For Killer

  • Use the Traps perfectly, although the traps are not the best tool to hook the survivors, but if you located the traps in perfect places, the traps will help you to slow down the moves of the survivors and of course, will make it easier for you to kill them.

Where are the perfect locations for you to apply the Traps?

  • In front of the entrance of the mission areas, for great effects, you should always place two traps in a row.
  • Top of the stairs, this place will be unpredictable for the survivors while they are climbing the stairs.
  • Outside the closet where the survivors respawn.
  • The end of the hallway, here you can place multiple traps at one end and the spawn at the other ends to trap the survivors.

And what are the weapons you can use to kill the survivors?

  • Strangler, the meanest and fastest weapon which you can use to kill the survivors who roam alone, or you can also get to the unreachable places to catch and kill them.
  • Slasher, this is a total brawler with its average speed and stamina which able to knock down survivors with just a few hits.
  • Giant, the slowest but also a mighty killer. You will get the best result if you use it in the close and small areas with a single entrance, in this case, you will not have to chase the survivors.

Well, those are some tips and tricks guide for you to play Last Year: The Nightmare. Hopefully will help you to win the game, whether as survivors or as the killers.

Last Year: The Nightmare is currently available on PC.

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