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Lies Of P – Laxasia The Complete Guide


Laxasia, The Complete, is a devoted servant of Simon Manus and is arguably the hardest boss in Lies of P. She can be quite challenging to defeat. With two distinct phases and many unpredictable strikes, this agile opponent could be difficult for anybody to predict. Laxasia the Complete is, without a doubt one of the hardest bosses in the game, which is why many players believe it to be the toughest test of ability. You will learn about laxasia in this article, which is a complete lies of p:

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How to Beat Laxasia The Complete

In Lies of P, Laxasia, The Complete, performs quick combination attacks to do extremely high damage quickly. Hence Perfect Guard is a crucial skill for this fight. Additionally, this boss frequently gives their blows an electric charge, boosting their damage output when using the Electric Shock condition. Longer battles become riskier because of Pinocchio’s increased vulnerability to lightning strikes as a result of this condition effect.

Similar to Lies of P’s Scrapped Watchman boss, being struck by lightning can also keep you from using weapon skills by depleting your Fable Arts meter. This is a side effect of electric shock that increases the likelihood of attack even further. Wearing equipment that provides some lightning protection will help lessen the impact of Laxasia’s elemental assaults.

Using a Star Fragment in the pool outside the boss arena, you can also call a Spectre or an AI-controlled ally in Lies of P. By deflecting Laxasia’s strikes, this amiable ghost might increase your chances of hitting the boss. Remember that this could make attacks difficult to identify because they don’t always target Pinocchio when a Spectre is around.

Phase 1:

The primary attacks to be aware of in phase one are Laxiasia’s lunge and all assaults in which she injects energy into her sword. Be careful, Laxasia is going to launch a lunge strike when she charges up her blade and leaps backward. She will impale you with her sword and cause severe damage while tossing you across the arena if this strike hits you. You can either run past her to ensure the strike misses or become accustomed to its timing and perfect parry.

You can also double-dodge to the side at the final moment. Make sure you’re far away from Laxasia’s lightning-infused attacks when the electric pulse goes off. Each attack that explodes at the point of impact receives an additional tick of electrical damage. This includes the strike in which, if you’re going just behind her, be cautious as she drags her blade down the ground and charges at you before swinging.

Memorise Laxasia’s strikes and practise faultless parrying as much as you can to defeat her, as long as you avoid her electromagnetic blasts and lunge assaults. Learning the attack patterns of this boss fight will reward you more than any other. You may even parry Laxasia 40 times in phase one to shatter her weapon and start phase two early.

Lies Of P - Laxasia The Complete Guide

Laxasia is vulnerable to Acid damage, therefore to combat her, consider using an Acid-infused weapon like the Acidic Crystal Spear, adding Acid damage to a physical weapon with the Acid Grindstone, or using throwables that deal Acid damage to inflict harm on her from a distance. I defeated Laxasia with the Acidic Crystal Spear, which depleted her health bar with each blow.

Try your hardest to keep her poisoned as well; the long-term effects of the ticking time bomb will be worthwhile. Aegis shield arm is another tool you can use to block her blows and cause a lot of harm. It is incredibly efficient against Laxasia’s attacks and has a very large parry window. During this boss fight, we highly advise you to equip and use your improved Aegis arm.

Phase 2:

The real battle starts in phase two, which is considerably more irregular. The combat begins after you empty Laxasia’s first health bar. While most of the action still takes place on the ground, in phase two, Laxasia loses her armour and receives new aerial attacks. Above all, be cautious anytime Laxasia makes an airborne leap. Either you’ll have to swiftly block her charge assault or rapidly parry her electrical projectiles.

Try to block any electrical projectiles perfectly she fires because they can cause significant damage to Laxasia when they reflect back. When you see Laxasia swipe her arm to release a projectile, press parry to deflect it straight back. If she lunges towards you, try to roll at the last second or execute a flawless parry. Once you master their cues, Laxasia’s aerial assaults are completely avoidable, however it may take a few tries to get adjusted to the timing.

Lies Of P - Laxasia The Complete Guide

Continue to stay out of the way of Laxasia’s delayed explosions when she swings her charged sword in melee combat, and keep an eye out for lightning strikes that may strike when she lands. After Laxasia lands, after her two-hit sword swing, and if you perfectly parry or dodge one of her harder blows, you’ll have a few opportunities to attack her. You’ll eventually knock Laxasia unconscious and leave her open to a Fatal Attack if you can perform enough flawless parries or charged attacks. During the fight, try to stagger her at least once.

Laxasia’s second phase moves very quickly, so you’ll need to stay in her line of sight to make sure you dodge her blows and make the perfect parry as often as you can. It could take you a few tries to understand how to parry her punches, but that’s good because she is one of the hardest fights in the game. Perfect parries are very common in both stages, and if you utilise an acid-damaging weapon, Laxasia’s two health bars will be quickly depleted.


What is the reward of the Lies of P Laxasia?

Putting Laxasia to death You will receive 16,000 Ergo and Sad Zealot’s Ergo as rewards from The Complete. Additionally, you can now ascend the tower and face the game’s last boss.

Who is the final boss in the Lies of P?

Gepetto calls forth the real last boss of Lies of P, a faceless marionette wielding a massive sword known as the Nameless Puppet. With a heavy emphasis on parrying, it’s not any more difficult than Simon Manus. That increases twofold in its second phase, when it becomes considerably faster and punishes Pinocchio for attempting any strong assaults.

What is the puppet of Geppetto in Lies of P?

Geppetto punishes P for his naughty behaviour by using the Nameless Puppet. Bosses will typically drop uncommon ergo when eliminated. Ergo is incredibly valuable and can only be obtained by beating bosses. These will eventually be exchanged for unique weapons and amulets by players.

How do you unlock boss Weapons in Lies of P?

In Lies of P, special tools known as “Boss Weapons” are acquired by trading a particular Ergo with a vanquished Boss.

What type of damage does laxasia deal?

She can conjure bolts from the sky in an AoE, shock the ground in all directions, toss lightning bolts across the ground at you, and execute long-range Fury attack thrusts. Many of these leave her too far away to punish or are too ambiguous.