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Sea Of Stars – How to Open the Flooded Graveyard Chest


While Sea of Stars has many more mysteries buried everywhere, this Flooded Graveyard puzzle could be the most intriguing and perplexing. Don’t worry if, like me, you had no idea what to do with those runes at first; we’ve got all the steps you need to finish this puzzle. You can learn how to open the Flooded Graveyard chest in the Sea of Stars by reading this article:

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How to Solve the Flooded Graveyard Rune Puzzle

While exploring the Flooded Graveyard, you most likely stumbled upon this puzzle directly to the left of the Necromancer’s Lair. You can’t interact with other puzzle pieces to access the trapped chest behind bars. The three colored runes above them are all you have. Regretfully, suppose this is your first experience with the Flooded Graveyard.

Sea Of Stars - How to Open the Flooded Graveyard Chest

In that case, you most likely lack the skills necessary to accomplish this and will have to continue the main tale to obtain your new mode of transportation. You’ll be able to travel to a new hidden location where you can solve the riddle and open the chest if you can fly. Northeast of Wraith Island is where this island is situated. As it is incorporated as a part of the main island, hovering over it will not cause a name to appear.

Rather, descend into it via flying, then proceed toward the cave’s entrance, where “Romaya’s Secret Passage” is marked. Inside are four spinners and a few runes that appear identical. The objective is to precisely match these since they are related to the ones back in the other region. You must alter the new runes to the following after taking a look at the existing ones:

Sea Of Stars - How to Open the Flooded Graveyard Chest

  • Red: Three scratches
  • Green: Upside down V with a flattened plus sign
  • Purple: A lightning bolt with two dots

You must use your wind gust ability with X or Square on your controller to turn the spinners so that the ones in the secret entrance match the ones back in the treasure room. The first thing to do is to spin the spinner in the very top middle until the colours are in the correct order:

  • Left: Red
  • Middle: Green
  • Right: Purple

Next, you can alternate the appearance of each rune by rotating the spinner next to it. Since they will all appear somewhat similar, try your best to match them to the images above and below by turning through each one:

Sea Of Stars - How to Open the Flooded Graveyard Chest

A new doorway leading back to the chest room will automatically open once you’ve got them all matching precisely. The chest is now unlocked, as well. You will discover Romaya’s Journal inside. Duke Aventry is waiting for you outside the tomb; give him this item so that it can assist him.

How to Open the Flooded Graveyard Chest

This chest can only be opened much, far later in the game. You won’t have this skill until right before the last battle, but flying to islands that would otherwise be impossible will be necessary. Even with flying, though, it’s still a challenging problem that needs to be solved by passing past several obstacles.

Firstly, you must take a plane to the island somewhat northeast of Wraith Island on the global map. A sequence of spinners may be found here, each represented by a colored rune; however, the runes here are not the same color as the ones in the room containing the chest. To make each rune the colours of red, green, or purple, you must use the Mistral Bracelet on the central spinner.

Sea Of Stars - How to Open the Flooded Graveyard Chest

After that, you have to spin each rune separately to ensure it matches the ones in the Flooded Graveyard. This will lift the bars obstructing it and create a way to return to the chest room. You can give the journal it contains to Duke Aventry, who is waiting right outside the gate. After receiving the Yellow Flame as payment from him, you can give it to the Ferryman at the Flooded Graveyard’s gate to advance to the Half-Sunken Tower.

To face an early-game boss again, navigate the Half-Sunken Tower section. Duke Aventry’s release ends everything and opens the coffin located southwest of the Flooded Graveyard. The best armor in the game for Valere and Zale may be found within.


Where is the coffin in the Sea of Stars?

To face an early game boss again, navigate the Half-Sunken Tower section. Duke Aventry’s release brings everything to an end and opens the coffin located southwest of the Flooded Graveyard. It has the greatest armour for Valere and Zale in the game.

What is the crypt for in Sea of Stars?

The next location is the Ancient Crypt, where Zale and Valere will learn from the Cryptwalker that it is home to statues, monuments, and stones honouring the world’s visionaries and builders—those who have provided funding for Sea of Stars.

What happened to Brugaves in Sea of Stars?

Brugaves assured him the former Solstice Warrior will soon be “the fastest there’s ever been,” and the Acolytes followed him out the open portal. Brugaves appears in the credits of the actual game’s ending as the demon general Barma’thazël.

Are there ultimate weapons in Sea of Stars?

The greatest weapons in the game for Valere and Zale, respectively, are the Moon Bo and Sun Blade in Sea of Stars, and they can provide a significant advantage over the last boss. All of the game’s playable characters have access to various weaponry.

What is max level in Sea of Stars?

In Sea of Stars, level 30 is the maximum level cap. Although this cap might seem a little low in comparison to some other games in the genre, the process will take longer because players will need to gain a lot of experience in between levels.