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Life Before and After Acquiring a Standing Desk


Have you already purchased a standing desk? Then, we bet, your life has changed since then. A standing desk brings a lot of benefits to its users. If earlier, after a long working day, you could feel pains in the back and neck, and the migraines were accompanying you constantly, with the purchase of an automated standing desk, the situation has changed.

So, why can a standing desk change your life completely and how does it happen? Let us check in detail.

Benefits for Health

Benefits for health from using a height-adjustable desk are incredible. Here is a short list of those issues that you will get rid of just after a couple of weeks:

  • When you are changing your position from a sitting into a standing one, your back has a chance to stretch, muscles relax, and joints rest. Thus, you can count on a quick and efficient relief of pains in the back.
  • The same will happen to your neck. After a while, you will forget what pains and the feeling of dumbness in the neck are.
  • Your blood circulation in the brain will improve because your neck will not be bent all the time. Once it happens, the brain will be getting enough oxygen, and with it, migraines will go.
  • Your legs and feet will become stronger because you will be moving more.

Here, you shall consider one important detail. If you feel pains in the back or neck, for example, because you are sitting in the same position for too long, then, a height-adjustable desk will solve this issue. However, if you are suffering from a medical condition that causes the pains (e.g. some kind of a bone disease, scoliosis, or something else), a height-adjustable desk will not help. In such a case, you shall consult a doctor and get proper treatment to get rid of pains and improve your condition.

Among long-term benefits, the most significant are the following:

  • You can lose weight or at least slow down the weight gain. It will prevent such an issue as obesity.
  • Using a height-adjustable desk is a good prophylactic for cardiovascular diseases.
  • Finally, among those office workers who use a standing desk, are less of those who suffer from diabetes.

Health benefits are not only advantages that you can count on when you use a standing desk.

Your Emotional Condition Will Improve, and the Work Productivity Will Increase

When you start feeling better, you will work with more motivation. You will be able to complete tasks faster and get more free time for your hobbies and rest. Or, as an option, you can get more tasks and earn more money. You decide.

Buying a Desk Doesn`t Mean an Automatic Improvement of Everything

So, how do you like all the benefits that you get when you start using a height-adjustable desk? Don`t think that everything comes on its own. A desk is a tool that you can use to achieve the mentioned results. It doesn`t make any magic though.

So, to achieve positive results, make sure you adjust the desk as required:

  • Set it up so that in both a sitting and a standing position you can use it conveniently. So, your elbows shall be bent at a 90-degrees angle and the hands shall rest comfortably on the keyboard.
  • The back shall be in a straight position.
  • Your eyes shall be at the level of the PC screen. If it is difficult to adjust the screen to the needed level, get a special support.
  • An ergonomic chair is important to keep your body in its natural position.
  • An ergonomic carpet will distribute your weight correctly when you are standing and will help you to prevent pains in the feet.

Now, when you intend to take the most benefits from your desk, don`t forget that you shall also use it correctly. So, just changing from a sitting into a standing position won`t help much. To achieve positive results, you need to exercise, and here, your standing desk might be of great help. There are many exercises developed specifically for office workers, those who use standing desks in their offices or at home.

You can start with the easier exercises, and with time, step by step, you can move to more complex workout sessions. The main thing is to do it regularly and not to stress yourself with something that causes discomfort.

Now, when you know about the main benefits, you might be willing to run to the first shop and catch the first adjustable desk that you see. Don`t hurry with it. Check options online, there are many desks offered by reliable manufacturers. Online, you can choose the desk shape, size, materials from which the desk is made, design, and so on. You deserve the best option.


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