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Like a Dragon Gaiden – How to Lock On


It can be intimidating to engage in battles with big numbers of foes in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name. It’s important to remember that this is more of a soft lock and not truly a “full” lock-on. You still need to put in a lot of effort because it won’t continuously monitor every move made by the adversary and won’t indicate to you on screen when you’ve locked on. You will learn how to lock on like a dragon guardian by reading this article:

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How to Lock On to Enemies

To lock onto foes in Like a Dragon Gaiden, press R1/Rb. I can now lock on to adversaries in both the Yakuza and Agent fighting styles that I have unlocked. It can be difficult to fight numerous adversaries simultaneously, so make sure you aim for the one you want by using the lock-on feature. It is noteworthy to mention that locking on lacks any visual cues or icons.

Like a Dragon Gaiden - How to Lock On

Instead, turn to face Kiryu; no matter where you walk, he will face the opponent you have latched on to. Lock-on makes it easier to take out many adversaries, although it’s not necessary. Bosses also benefit from it, particularly those that move fast and might be challenging to follow. It is also easier to use devices or launch weapons at foes while you have them locked onto you.

How to Block

Said, you can use R1/RB to lock on to adversaries and L1/LB to block them. Blocking is directional and only effective against assaults from Kiryu’s front, but it is possible to block without latching on. As such, to successfully stop damage from approaching attacks, you usually need to lock on when blocking.

Like a Dragon Gaiden - How to Lock On

Given that the controls show R1/RB as “Take Stance” and the lock-on system is not the most evident, you could be excused for not knowing how to lock on. Apart from Kiryu’s attitude, there are no other indications that indicate you are locked on or who you are locked on to. You may have to move around a little to lock on to a particular enemy because the lock-on always links to the nearest enemy.

Therefore, locking on works better against bosses or other one-on-one opponents than against big groupings of foes. It’s usually advisable to swing wide and completely disregard latching on in certain situations.


How do you beat justice like a Dragon Gaiden?

When JUSTICE deploys his pink laser missile, keep in mind that it can hit every member of your squad in a single motion. You should be able to overpower JUSTICE with your entire crew following you, eliminating him and winning the battle against the third King.

How do you beat Sawashiro in like a dragon?

Sawashiro will enter his third phase after using up two thirds of his HP. For every turn he plays with his cane and sword in this area, he will get 1,000 HP back. Try to use Cutting and Electric strikes to deal as much damage as you can in a turn. Sawashiro will eventually run out of HP and be vanquished.

How do you beat Kazuma Kiryu like a dragon?

Saeko is the most crucial member of the squad for this battle because Kiryu is weak against the cold, making this damage type ideal for usage against her. Ensure that Saeko stays in the fight and doesn’t lose to any of the other characters.

What are the weak attacks in Yakuza: Like a Dragon?

A combination of Fire, Water, and Electric spells plus Bash, Slash, and Pierce attacks can render an enemy defenseless.

What level is Kiryu in like a dragon?

This is one among the few exceptions to the general rule, even though the game developer dislikes Kiryu making a comeback in a fighting game. Chapter 14 of the campaign has his struggle at the end. Players should be level 54 or above to take on a level 57 boss.

Can you date anyone in Yakuza: Like a Dragon?

Ichiban can flirt with six of the female NPCs in Yakuza: Like a Dragon by talking to them when they’re not working. Giving these NPCs presents will strengthen your bond with them.