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Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – How to Change Jobs


Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth allows players to switch jobs for party members and experiment with different skills and team configurations for the game’s turn-based fighting. This is a feature that is common in JRPGs. Even if the base classes work well, you might wish to make some adjustments in the future. Players in Infinite Wealth must visit Alo-Happy Tours, a hub connected to the job system, to switch careers. You will learn how to switch careers and get wealthy like a dragon from this article:

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How to Unlock Jobs

Unlocking jobs is the first step towards using them instead of your party members’ default selection. You’ll need to go to Alo-Happy Tours for that; it becomes accessible at the end of Chapter Five when Chitose and Tomizawa recommend deviating from the main story (it should be noted that this is what around 80% of Like Dragon games entail).

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth - How to Change Jobs

While you can switch employment at any Alo-Happy store in Hawaii and Japan, you can only unlock new positions at the Waikiki site. You can purchase tourist activities here to motivate Ichiban and company to learn new combat skills. However, remember that each activity requires Ichiban’s personality stats to be minimal, probably to prevent you from working nonstop for money and purchasing every job you can get your hands on.

The list below includes every profession that can be unlocked in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, the Activity that must be completed to unlock it (as this isn’t always evident), and the required money and stats.

Job Activity Stat Requirement Price
Aquanaut Diving Tour Kindness level one Free
Pyrodancer Fire Dancing Exhibition Passion level three $200
Geodancer Hula Exhibition Passion level one $200
Desperado Water Gun Shootout Style level five $1,600
Action Star Parasailing Experience Charisma level four $200
Samurai Trolley Tour Confidence level five $1,600
Kunoichi Yoga on the Shore Intellect level five $1,600
Housekeeper Duty-Free Shopping Kindness level four $200

How to Change Jobs

Characters in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth have the same ability to switch jobs if they reach particular story milestones, much like in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Once you reach Chapter Five in Infinite Wealth, you can unlock the travel agency Alo-Happy Tours. Located between Waikiki Street and Aloha Street in the northeast of the Honolulu map, it is the main location where you can switch or unlock new jobs in Infinite Wealth.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth - How to Change Jobs

Certain Jobs are associated with specific Tours, each with a distinct entry fee. You can access the new Job for all characters who qualify when the Tour ends. But there are other ways to unlock Jobs than Alo-Happy Tours. Certain jobs are restricted to particular Party Members; Kiryu, for example, is the only one with the Dragon of Dojima job. Certain characters can also unlock certain careers by increasing Kasuga’s Bond Level; however, these jobs must first become accessible for selection through other means.

You must strengthen your bond with Nanba and Adachi to access their Breaker and Action Star abilities at Alo-Happy. To switch Jobs in Infinite Wealth, you must either return to Alo-Happy or locate an Alo-Happy Booth after you have unlocked a new Job through Alo-Happy Tours or character advancement.


How many chapters are in infinite wealth?

The primary plot of Infinite Wealth spans 14 chapters and requires 40–50 hours to complete. The game will take about 60–80 hours to finish for most casual players who engage in some of the side material; players who want to play it through to 100% will probably need more than 100 hours.

Is Kiryu in Infinite Wealth?

Players take control of Ichiban Kasuga and Kazuma Kiryu in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, as they explore the Yokohama neighborhood of Isezaki Ijincho as well as Honolulu City in Hawaii.

Is Majima in Infinite Wealth?

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth has a modest but important part for everyone’s favorite ex-yakuza member. But he doesn’t show up until much later in the game. He appears for the first time in Chapter 12: For the sake of old times sake, once you visit Dojima in Ijincho by train

Why Majima is stronger than Kiryu?

Compared to Kiryu, Majima has more skill in combat. She can dispatch opponents with quick punches and kicks and, later in the game, create extremely lengthy combos by employing the “Combo Boost” set of skills.