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Tekken 8 – How to Get Fight Money


This element, which is a recurring theme in Tekken 8, encourages players to use the resources at their disposal to express themselves through their favorite characters better. To unlock all of the best cosmetics in Tekken 8, you’ll need to become familiar with Fight Money. But as of right moment, it appears that Bandai Namco is not taking that route with Tekken 8. You can learn how to obtain fight money in Tekken 8 by reading this article:

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What is Fight Money?

In Tekken 8, Fight Money is a currency that can be used to buy cosmetics for any of the 32 available characters as well as to customize your Player Profile by purchasing Title Plates, Health Gauge designs, and Player Information Panels.

Additionally, you can use Fight Money to buy exclusive outfits for the new Avatars that Tekken 8 debuted. These avatars are utilized in both the online lobby known as Tekken Fight Lounge and the game’s offline Arcade Quest mode.

Tekken 8 - How to Get Fight Money

With these personalization choices, you can make your complete online profile and look unique. You can use your favorite character, an avatar, or even a publicly accessible profile page to show off your personality.

How to Get or Earn Fight Money

Nearly everything you do in Tekken 8 earns you Fight Money, and here are some of the greatest methods to gain it quickly:

  • Finishing Character Stories, which provide 1,000,000 G of combat money apiece! You may easily earn 32,000,000G and earn the “Your money is my money!” trophy/achievement granted for attaining at least 10,000,000 G if you complete Character Stories for all 32 characters.
  • It can take a long time to finish The Dark Awakens story mode. However, some chapters offer Fight Money incentives, finishing Chapter 15 awards 10,000,000G.
  • In Arcade Quest mode, each battle earns you Fight Money, which is determined by your rank, your opponent, and the benefits you received (such as the Aggressiveness Bonus and the Heat Smash Bonus).
  • Arcade Quest’s story mode allows for the possibility of earning substantial Fight Money awards by winning tournaments.
  • Battles in the offline arcade mode also award little Fight Money.
  • You can earn Fight Money by defeating your ghost in Super Ghost Battle, which lets you simultaneously train your ghost and grind for cash.

Tekken 8 - How to Get Fight Money

Although the servers are still unavailable as of this writing, we believe that the online mode’s Fight Money rewards system functions exactly like the one in Arcade Quest, which is still the only viable option to grind after gathering and using the Fight Money obtained from the first few plays of single-player games.

Where to Spend Fight Money?

Tekken 8 - How to Get Fight Money

When you have amassed a sizable sum, you can use it to purchase Arcade avatar customisation, title plates, health gauge appearances, player information panels, and character modification.


Who killed Jin Kazama?

His mother Jun reared him until she vanished after being attacked by an ogre-like beast. Jin trains with his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima, in an attempt to get retribution. Jin triumphs over True Ogre in Heihachi’s tournament in Tekken 3. Heihachi’s troops kill Jin shortly after his win.

Why is Eddie not in Tekken 8?

I find it amusing that some people are celebrating Eddy’s exclusion from Tekken 8. People tend to forget that, as he is a Tekken mainstay, almost everyone will buy him, so it is obvious that his removal was done to secure DLC sales.

Is Heihachi dead in Tekken 8?

Heihachi’s motivations and past are made clear in Tekken 7, where Kazuya kills him, preventing him from appearing in Tekken 8. It is later revealed that Reina, who debuted in Tekken 8, is Heihachi’s daughter. She shares traits with him, including parts of his moves and personality.

Who is the bad guy in Tekken 8?

In Tekken 8, Kazuya Mishima plays the primary antagonist and displays his newly acquired strength and determination. In Tekken 8, Kazuya’s move set is appealing to both beginners and experts, providing simple combos and strong blows.

Who are the least used characters in Tekken?

Panda, Kuma, Kazumi, Bob, Lars, Eddy, Eliza, Katrina, and Yoshimitsu are the characters that are utilized the least.