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Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – How to Make Money


It is shockingly difficult to make money in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, which is odd given the game title. Money is said to make the world go round. For most of your time in Hawaii with Ichiban and crew, this is indeed the case, whether it’s fighting criminals on the streets, rummaging through dumpsters for trash to sell, or participating in the legendary underground Sujimon fighting scene. You will learn how to become financially wealthy like a dragon by reading this post.

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Make Money by Selling Items at Pawn Shops

There are numerous Treasure Select Pawn stores spread throughout Hawaii.

The following list contains all of Hawaii’s pawn shop addresses:

  • Chinatown – On Kolonahe Street.
  • Anaconda – Within the Harbor Street Anaconda Shopping Center.
  • River St – About northeast of the Aloha Bridge on River Street.
  • Hula Ave – Adjacent to Julie’s Gearworks on Hula Avenue.

Items you’ve collected from adventures, like extra equipment or odd silver plates you acquired while treasure hunting, can be sold here.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth - How to Make Money

When engaging in a Treasure Hunt, don’t forget to approach and engage with any spot where there is a yellow circle on the ground. You might discover valuable materials for crafting more advanced weaponry, valuable items, or just plain junk.

In Hawaii, high-quality (three star) gear, weaponry, and other items typically fetch the highest prices. As an illustration, our Madam’s Visor sold for just over $40.00, and we had an item that cost $100.00 that could restore an ally’s full HP and MP. Selling unwanted gear and other stuff at a pawn shop is a surefire way to get a profit quickly.

Make Money by Getting a Gig Job

Ichiban accepts a job offer from Crazy Delivery, a business that functions similarly to UberEats and pays you to cycle about Honolulu delivering meals. If you can pull off certain gimmicks and fill enough orders, you can make a good living doing something that only costs time.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth - How to Make Money

You can also make a lot of money by spending time on Dondoko Island and with the resort side plot, but both endeavors require more time to get going.

By Using Smackdowns

When we talk about wars, how about ones you have no responsibility at all? Alright, so? Smackdowns are precisely that (we were able to use this skill when our crew reached level 20 or higher, around Chapter 5).

Enemies that have a blue marker above their heads can be Smackdowned by you. This is when you activate Ichibian and company’s fighting for you by pressing the requested command (on the PS5, this was L2). There is no risk of failure and you are not required to perform any labor.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth - How to Make Money

Even if the opponents you can defeat in a Smackdown are frequently far less skilled than you are, the reward is still worthwhile because you can earn money for doing nothing at all. Smackdowns are also quick, so you can quickly make $100 in a short period of time.

Do the Substory Quests

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth - How to Make Money

You can (and should) complete the numerous substory missions scattered across Hawaii if you’d rather to stick to the main plot and pace yourself. While some of them won’t pay you much money, the ones that require combat will give you lots of dollars to save.


What is the hardest fight in Yakuza: Like a Dragon?

The most difficult boss in Like A Dragon Gaiden is Gai Amon. If you want to stand a chance of fighting Gai Amon, you have to level up every ability and acquire the greatest equipment available.

Who is the secret boss in Like A Dragon?

Opening Like a Dragon Gaiden’s Hidden Boss Amon. This entails winning all Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum bouts before going on to defeat JUSTICE, Ugajin, Dan Brody, and Samejima.

What is the best farming in Yakuza: Like a Dragon?

Once your team has seven crowns, along with the best available gear and weapons, simply complete as much of the Final Millennium Tower as you can. By collecting all seven crowns, you will receive TWICE as much money. The last boss alone awards almost 18 million yen in this manner. 18,000,000 JPY.

What is Kiryu weak to Like A Dragon?

Saeko is the most crucial member of the squad for this battle because Kiryu is weak against the cold, making this damage type ideal for usage against her. Ensure that Saeko stays in the fight and doesn’t lose to any of the other characters.

How do you fight Amon in Like a Dragon?

Put on Yakuza Style and dive right in. It will take a great deal of harm for Amon’s healing powers to be able to save him. To get in a good number of hits without being questioned, sidestep his strikes and strike him in the rear. Put yourself in Heat mode and consume a few beers if you can’t let him topple you.