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Lords of the Fallen: How to Get Boss Weapons


Weapons used against the Lords of the Fallen boss are more simpler to get than in most other games in the Soulslike genre. Defeating a monster often rewards you with an item that can be traded for a single weapon or spell, but in Lords of the Fallen, you can choose which items you want to buy with Umbral Scourings. How to obtain Lords of the Fallen Boss Weapons is covered in this post.

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How to Get Boss Weapons

Defeating a significant Lord of the Fallen boss will nett you access to their Remembrances, which include unique weapons, armour, and other items. After defeating a boss, you can clear out their arena by entering Umbral and using your Umbral Lamp to Soul Flay the Stigmas that appear there. The Remembrance can be obtained after hearing the Stigma’s words.

Lords of the Fallen: How to Get Boss Weapons

The next step is to give that Remembrance to Molhu, a Skyrest NPC who can only be seen in Umbral. If you are facing the Skyrest Vestige, turn left, then turn left again and go up the stairs, you will find him on the top floor.

Have a chat with Molhu and choose to offer a tribute to him. From there, choose the boss whose Remembrance you wish to loot, and then choose the goods you desire. Remember that the Umbral Scourings are required to purchase the boss equipment in the Remembrances. Although this currency is hard to come by, we will explain how to acquire some in the following section.

Lords of the Fallen: How to Get Boss Weapons

You can also buy extra copies of every boss item in the game, which is not something you can do very often in other Soulslikes. This is helpful if you want to use two of the same weapon against a boss, make a trade with another player, or give an item to a friend.

Where to Buy Boss Weapons

Molhu, a helpful Umbral monster that can be found on the Umbral side of Skyrest Bridge, sells the items needed to defeat the bosses in Lords of the Fallen. Enter the afterlife and head up the stairs next to Pieta to meet him. If you give Molhu the Bowl of Revelations, he’ll have access to the Offer Remembrance menu, which functions as a vendor for boss weapons.

The legendary items and powerful spells of the game’s ultimate foes can be found here. Remember that defeating a boss isn’t enough to earn it on its own. These can be obtained by using Soulflay on the memories that arise after a battle. These can be re-visited at any time by players in their respective boss arenas.

Lords of the Fallen: How to Get Boss Weapons

Umbral Scourings are used to buy boss equipment, and they may be found dropped by Memories and Reapers. Using the Umbral Lamp on swarms of blue butterflies in Axiom, you can soulflay any openly accessible memories to get two Umbral Scourings.

When players spend an excessive amount of time in the Umbral realm, red reapers arise. While they may be tough to kill, these foes will reward you with thousands of Vigour and five Umbral Scourings upon defeat. You may easily defeat these foes by Soulflaying them into a ledge.

How to Get Umbral Scourings

You can also gain Umbral Scourings by using Soulflay on memories with the lantern in the umbral world, albeit beating bosses is the most common method. When you defeat a primary boss, a memory of them will surface in their arena, and you’ll get some scourings and their remembrance.

Lords of the Fallen: How to Get Boss Weapons

Other memories, however, can be found both openly and in hidden locations within the umbral realm; these are quite easy to spot, since they take the form of ghosts or ethereal beings standing still and will grant you tale goods and additional scourings with which to purchase monster gear. To play each memory, just aim at them and utilise Soulflay. You will receive your scoldings when the current sequence has finished.


How many weapons are in Lords of the Fallen?

There are 12 unique classes of weapons. By using two guns at once, players can create new possibilities for playstyle development and weapon customisation.

How do you upgrade weapons in Lords of the Fallen?

Get yourself to where the blacksmith Gerlinde is, and set her free. After that, if you have the strength and materials enough, you can improve your weapons at the hub’s blacksmith whenever you like.

How much playtime is Lords of the Fallen?

Lords of the Fallen has an estimated 30-hour single-player campaign. Saul Gascon, the game’s executive producer, and Cezar Virtosu, the game’s creative director, both acknowledged as much in a recent interview.

Is Lords of Fallen a remake?

Current events involve the release of the latest installment of the series, also titled Lords of the Fallen. Although it has the look and feel of a remake, the game actually picks up the tale a thousand years after the original.