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Remnant 2: The Great Sewers Walkthrough


Safes can be found all over the world in Remnant 2, which is just one of the numerous ways to find gear and resources. In Remnant 2, discovering a safe gives you a rush as you try to figure out where to find the code to open it. Usually, you have to take a few different actions before the code is revealed to you. One such safe, Remnant 2, is located in the Great Sewers in Losomn, but deciphering the code can be quite the task. The great sewers in Remainder 2 will be explained in this article:

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Great Sewers Safe Code in Remnant 2

The Great Sewers area is located in the Losomn Dran neighborhood. You may need to repeatedly reroll Losomn in Adventure Mode in order to locate it, as the locations in Remnant 2 are randomly generated. Look for a small side room with this secret opening you can crouch through once you locate the Great Sewers. The safe is located in the center of the space.

Remnant 2: The Great Sewers Walkthrough

The code was 5813 for us. We will demonstrate where to look if this code isn’t working for you.

Remnant 2: The Great Sewers Walkthrough

You will discover the Rusted Heirloom ring when you open the safe.

Remnant 2: The Great Sewers Walkthrough

Where to Find the Safe in the Sewers in Remnant 2

We are unable to pinpoint the safe’s precise location because Remnant 2’s dungeon layout is rather arbitrary. But in our world, it was fairly easy to locate the safe. After making a right turn, we just continued straight from the beginning of The Great Sewers along the main route of the Losomn sewers. the same location where the quest that can grant you Dria’s Anklet is found.

Remnant 2: The Great Sewers Walkthrough

The Great Sewers Safe Reward

You will obtain the Rusted Heirloom ring upon opening the Great Sewer Safe. When a player’s health falls below 50%, the ring provides them with two stacks of the Bulwark status effect. This greatly reduces the amount of additional damage they take, allowing them to heal or flee for their lives.


How do you get pulled into the sewers in Remnant 2?

If you stand near a drain while exploring the area, a Manticora may drag you.

What are the grand sewers in Remnant 2?

One of the numerous worlds in Remnant 2 that can be explored is the Great Sewers, a flooded area that resembles a maze. In Remnant 2, every location will have its own dungeon, events, bosses, enemies, and items.

Is flooding sewer an event in Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2, Flooding Sewer is an Event. Flooding sewers are a problem that takes time to fix because it takes roughly 90 minutes to fill the sewers. Events are circumstances in which a player can find hidden areas or solve puzzles to obtain special items like weapons or consumables.

What does bulwark do in Remnant 2?

A useful buff that gives your character a stackable damage reduction is the Bulwark. Upon acquisition, the basic Bulwark reduces damage by five percent. It can be stacked three times to reduce damage by fifteen percent.

What is the wait 90 minutes in Remnant 2?

The Meridian handgun, a hidden item in Remnant 2, can only be found by waiting 90 real-time minutes in a particular location. The fact that this secret item was found emphasizes how much content Remnant 2 has to offer—400 hours of gameplay are not enough to cover it all.