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Marco The Phoenix from ‘One Piece’ Favorite Fan Following


Marco The Phoenix

Aficionados of One Piece will be glad to hear that we’re making a beeline for Wano Country and are presently only one more scene far from entering what has been portrayed as the greatest circular segment in One Piece up until now.

The current week’s scene denoted the conclusion to the Reverie bend and now we’re going to move our concentration from Imu Sama and the Gorosei to Nekomamushi group. For those of you who appear to have overlooked, back at Zou, the collision split into four groups. The main group was Luffy’s and they had chosen to go to safeguard Sanji.

The second group was driven by Kinemon and they proceeded to Wano Country with a large portion of the Strawhats and Heart Pirates. The third group was Inuarashi and Momonosuke, alongside the Minks. They were talking Zunisha towards Wano. At long last, the fourth group was Nekomamushi’s and his objective was to discover Marco the Phoenix to look for his assistance for the war to come.

In the following scene of Wano, we’ll be seeing Nekomamushi again and it appears he’s at long last found Marco. Marco will be a significant resource for the battle against Kaido. He’s simply the right-hand man of Whitebeard and his quality is verifiably helpful. Marco’s whereabouts were obscure, however, Nekomamushi realized that he would have been at Whitebeard’s island, where the previous Yonko grew up.

This spot needs insurance and that is the thing that Marco is out giving by living there. He won’t join the Wano Country war on account of the danger of Edward Weevil. Regardless of whether he’ll join or not is obscure, however, fans are certainly advertised to see him in the story by and by.

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