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Mega Man X downloadable content for Minecraft appears out of nowhere


The Minecraft x Mega Man X downloadable content was announced by Mojang Studios and Capcom with zero advance warning whatsoever. It comes with the original music as well as 14 “classic skins” from Mega Man X, nine weapons to use against Sigma’s various Mavericks, and plenty more. If you are a lover of Minecraft, you might find this piece of news to be a little bit perplexing. If you’re a fan of Mega Man X, you could be thrilled but perhaps even more perplexed by this news. We are not going to question whatever the heck took place, whatever it was. Simply said, we are receiving it in a courteous manner.

The following is Mojang Studios’ explanation of the Minecraft x Mega Man X downloadable content: “Sigma and his mavericks have returned, and they are ready to do some serious business! This official Mega Man universe is based on the version that was created by Capcom, so you can get right into the action. Combat a horde of foes with Mega Man’s nine different weapons as you make your way through recognizable stages and take on formidable bosses. Listen to the music from the original Mega Man X and show off the Mega Man skins from the past that are included.”

The fact that the Mega Man X franchise has more or less been put on hold at Capcom for the past few years makes this DLC announcement even more peculiar than usual. Back in 2018, Capcom presented the Mega Man X Legacy Collection, which featured the eight mainline games in the series and was distributed across two volumes. The compilation was met with favourable reviews. If you count the recent mobile spinoff Mega Man X DiVE, which is a wonderful experience but effectively its own beast, there hasn’t been a brand new entry in the genre since Mega Man X8 was released on PlayStation 2. That is, unless you count Mega Man X DiVE as a whole new entry.

To put it another way, this odd DLC in someone else’s game is the closest we’ve gotten to Mega Man X9 in years, which is a little bit scary to think about. Having said that, previous leaks suggest that Capcom is working on something significant for a new Mega Man game to be released this year, and there is a possibility that it would mark the beginning of a new subfranchise. The project was first discovered in a Capcom hack under the name “Rockman Taisen,” and then it was discovered once more in a leak from Nvidia under the name “Mega Man Match.” We do not know what it is, but after the release of the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection in April, we can probably anticipate hearing more about it.