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Men In Black: International – Official Trailer Is Awesome


MIB: International Trailer

I love the MIB franchise and I am not the only one so when I heard that there is a new one coming out, I put on a black suit and looked myself in the mirror and said (in Matthew Mcconaughey’s voice) “Alright”. Chris Hemsworth is on a roll and everything he is involved with turns to box office gold and same is the expectation with this movie. But if Hemsworth was not enough, Sony decided to add the legendary butt-kicker Liam Neeson and Tessa Thompson who was previously seen with Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok in this film.


Tessa Thompson

The trailer starts with Tessa showing up at the MIB HQ, and asked to become an agent, her reason, she wants to look good in the suit. 2 time Oscar winner Emma Thompson is reprising in her original role of Agent O and looks like a proper boss lady. Neeson and Hemsworth used to be partners as it seems but now Tessa is assigned with him and she seems very excited in all the shots. Lincoln is no linger the car of the choice for MIB but is replaced by a flashy Lexus which looks good but I’d still go with the classic car.


Agent M and H

Weapons and lots of them in this clip. Agent M and H are shown pulling gun parts out of their car side mirror, bumpers, wheel caps and assembling their shiny guns on the spot and shooting some awesome laser like hail storm on a couple of pop-locking dancer dudes. Well at least that’s what they look like to me. Both Agents are also riding around in a flying jet-ski kind of a thing which looks awesome.

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